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5 Powerful Imagination Exercises to Get Your Life Unstuck

*Note-This article is longer than usual. I have combined material from past articles and added some new here.

Intro Letter

You want to build something of your own. You have big dreams and a deep purpose that we want to live. But when your life is out of whack with what you want to do it’s frustrating.
You can become trapped in a vicious cycle of lost opportunities if you don’t know how to free yourself. Letting yourself down becomes a routine. Wavering confidence, lower self-esteem and guilt results.
You know you are doing it to yourself but don’t know the way out.  Feeling trapped, overwhelmed and limited can become your orientation. This can flow into every area of your life causing tremendous loss. All roads feel blocked.
If you want to reinvent yourself, live life on your own terms, or simply unleash some of the pent-up creativity inside of you…

There is a way to do so…

Imagination opens the door so you can live your creative purpose.  Proactive imagination can get you there. Tired of the same played out methods? You will find it a breath of fresh.
But first, how did ever get to where you are now?
What you’re not told about your imagination that keeps it (and your life) in shackles
The true power of your imagination to affect change in your life is not taught. This is because in our society there is an overemphasis on the use of logic.
Logic is wonderful. But it is the overemphasis on logic to the exclusion of the imagination that keeps you stuck.
Ask yourself:
Do you know your creative purpose?
Are you living in alignment with your creative purpose?
Do you play life safe with an overemphasis on logic?
Are you ‘frozen’ in old ideas of your life?

Proactive imagination and creative purpose shatter frozen ideas

Over time our mental picture of what is possible and what is not becomes hardened. We lose our mental flexibility about what “is” and what “is” not. This is limits us in ways we are not even aware.
But, things are much more fluid and flexible then they may seem.  This includes what is possible for your life. That’s good because that means there is another choice and another way to live.
With more imagination incorporated into your life once frozen ideas begin to melt. You experience a greater reality. No longer do you feel things are limited, concrete and closed off. Rather they are alive, expansive and fluid. You come to the realization that you can paint your life with the brush of ideas.

mind power techiques | mind power

Signs you’re life and imagination are in shackles…

It means:
  • Thinking you have no other choice but to stay stuck in limiting circumstances
  • Never living your creative purpose
  • Believing you can only travel in five gears and trying your best to master them. (when you have an infinite number)
  • Traveling an open road of infinite possibility.
  • Dis-empowering yourself by seeming to be at the mercy of external circumstances.
  • Not being the creative force in your life
These things keep you stuck and it’s not a good feeling. But you are not meant to be stuck.

You are not meant to live a life in shackles

By nature a creative being that can create without end. Not powerless and at the whim of external conditions. Imagination reconnects you to your natural power.
Yet, our society hammers us into being more limited than we are. Being “realistic” is a big one. In fact, it is a rite of passage when one has now ‘matured’ and is ‘adult’ for facing the ‘facts’. Compromise is another supposed sign of maturity.
Am I saying never compromise or face facts? No. I’m saying there is an overemphasis on these things. And that it to the detriment of your vitality, energy and growth.
Society hands out awards to people who can endure constant drab circumstances.
“Oh yes you have to give him credit. He despised his job, his marriage and the way he was living his life but stuck it out for forty years-what a trooper.”
This kind of teaching is so pervasive I’m sure you know these sayings well:
  • That’s how it is
  • Suck it up
  • Deal With it
  • Be Real
  • Stop Dreaming
  • You Can’t Do it
  • It’s Impossible
  • Will Never Happen
  • It is what it is
  • Will Never Change
  • The Future Looks Grim
  • Forget It
We’ve all been there. But you know when you want to move ahead to somewhere else this formula cannot get you there. You feel bored. You crave excitement and variety. Creative outlets. Deeper purpose.

Imagination is waiting to deliver

It is infinite and spontaneous. Freedom experienced. It is not something that you can reduce down to a formula.
It can be like peeling layers of an endless onion. You start out with one thing in mind and uncover even deeper more powerful layers. If you have been choking on stale air imagination will resuscitate your life.
There’s a way to release the shackles
How do you do it?
  • Creative Purpose:
Get clear and focused on finding and making your creative purpose a reality.
  • Imagination Proliferation:
Unique and powerful exercises for unlimited possibility and infinite invention.
  • Proactive Imagination:
Tapping into the infinite power of imagination during everyday situations for rapid progress.
  • Gravity-Free Dreams:
Aiming for your highest aspirations, dreams, desires, and purpose. All without worrying about ‘making mistakes’ or ‘doing it wrong.’
  • Rooted Results:
Practical real-world results making your purpose and dreams a reality. Without being too mechanical or too ‘woo-woo’.

What does it feel like to free yourself from the shackles?

Things that were once perceived as problems disappear. Innovative ideas pop up left and right. Energy to create like never before develops. Your ability to create results sharpens.
Spontaneous revelations occur.  ‘Impossible coincidences’” are common. And much more.
What if I don’t have much of an imagination or I’m not creative enough?
Some people may believe they have no imagination or little imagination. People may use their imagination to varying degrees. But everyone has an imagination that they can improve and strengthen.
Remember when you were a child? You used your imagination all the time and there was nothing strange about it. You still have that natural capacity although you may not be tapping into it.
But I’m sure you may have come up with a delicious twist on recipe? Thought an out-of-the-box way to help your child complete their homework assignment?
Planned a trip first in your mind before making it a reality?  Experienced a mental flash that changed way you viewed something forever?

mind power techniques | mind power

Unleash your proactive imagination and watch those shackles disappear

An overemphasis on logic in our society to the detriment of imagination helps keep you stuck. There is another way. You can incorporate more imagination into your life. This will free you like never before.
Proactive imagination and living your creative purpose can get you there. There are other aspects of a frozen mindset. And when you add all the links up a strong restraint locks in place:
A prejudice against imagination.
What is it?

Is a prejudice against imagination holding you back?

What is a prejudice against imagination?
An imagination prejudice can manifest in some of the following ways:
  • Believing imagination is not a powerful capacity for positive transformation.
  • A lack of tolerance for uncertainty. An overemphasis on trying to control, predict, quantify and reduce things down. All this to try to understand what something ‘really is’
  • An outright dislike for imagination and creativity
  • Guilt and resentment (not always conscious). One knows they have an imagination but are not using it.
  • An overemphasis on how things must get done without focusing much of why (or the purpose) of doing things.

How do you break the shackles of prejudice?

The way out is to embrace a life of imagination and creativity. Create that which stems from your creative purpose into reality. Strengthen your imagination through regular imagination exercises.
This work together and reinforce each other. It is the way out of stuck limited mental spaces.
I don’t have a prejudice against imagination
You may be thinking hey, I don’t have a prejudice against imagination. Some of this programming may be obvious (conscious)and some may be unconscious.
The more you become aware of it the more you can do something about it. Otherwise, you may feel trapped on the treadmill of life.
Get off the unconscious treadmill
A prejudice against imagination can keep you stuck on the treadmill of a stationary life. The first step is to become aware that it exists. The best way to do it ask yourself:
  • Realize the prejudice conclusions you may hold about imagination are erroneous.
  • Accept the fact that you have the powerful, life transforming capacity of imagination.
  • Know the way out is to incorporate more imagination and creativity into your life.
  • Intellectualization is not enough. You must take action so that you experience both the power of your imagination and the power to create.
  • One of the strongest and more immediate ways to do this is with imagination exercises.
Are you ready to Imagi-size? Let’s try some below!

mind power techniques | mind power

What is Imagi-size?

You are familiar with exercise.
Imagi-Size is similar in one sense. This is becasue you are strengthening your power through regular exercise. But Imag-Size affects every area of your life since it expands your mental landscape.
You increase the “size” of your mental landscape and thus your life. It’s the difference between being stuck in a small cell versus being in an endless field.

What can I expect from Imagi-size?

The imagination is infinite and you can’t fit the infinite into a small box. ….And when you are stuck the last thing you need is a small box.  But what you can do through imagination exercise is learn to let more of the infinite into your life. It’s like a door that opens to let the infinite shine through.
You let more of the infinite light in by using your imagination to open the door more and more. When you do this who you are expands and thus your life as well.
Expect some wonderful variety.
I’m sure you are familiar with having flashes of insights. Also, life changing revelations and paradigm shifting views that occur in an instant. You know you’re in the shower and wham you know exactly what to do- it is like a wonderful gift. Seeming ‘coincidences’ or synchronicities are common.
Creating results gets easier- you become an expert creator. This makes it easier to live your creative purpose.
These are a few of the things you will experience when you exercise your imagination. And simultaneous create results in your life.
How to get the most from Imagi-sizing
First, don’t make this mistake.
Imag–sizing  is an active, strong powerful use of the imagination.  There is nothing passive about it. When you are stuck, you need to increase both your creative power. You also need to expand your perspective.
You can use this creative power to act to make your creative purpose a reality.
Do the exercises in y conscious state with eyes open. Often you will include physical movements.
I give you a solid framework to work within. However, you will make choices within that framework and fill in details yourself.

Why is this important?

Well it’s as if I construct a strong safe house for you to live in. But, I am not going to put photos of my family in your house and choose the color of paint on the walls. Placing photos of my family in your house has no meaning for you. And if I choose the color of the walls for you I may choose one that does not excite you. So, you get to choose things that are meaningful to you and that excite you.
Every detail is not dictated to you like guided meditation and other similar methods. This helps you make the exercise very personal and powerful for you. It also helps with filling in the dots and thinking and creating for yourself. Your active participation is key.
The wonderful thing is you get to use both your creative imaginative nature and your logic. You will be dip deep into the imagination like never before. This is where the magical, mystical and spiritual occur.
When integrating results into your life you will exercise ample levels of logic to make it a reality.
You take your increased imaginative energy and channel it into creating results. This is where your creative purpose takes hold.
You do the exercises and work towards making your highest dreams a reality. When you align with doing what you desire there is no substitute. For example, every do a job you hated versus a job you loved? Big difference.
Imagination increases creativity and creating results increases imagination.

You get unstuck by upsizing your perspective and life with imagination!

Exercise selection is up to you because it is important to the find the one’s that resonate with you most. Feeling the most “turned on” mentally is the key here. You want to run with the exercises that “juice” you the most.
For example, you can do the same ones over and over or mix and match any combination. The power of choice is in play.
Do the leastes for at least a month. After that you can continue them as long as you like-that is as long as you feel you are getting something out of them. The caveat here is don’t quit early if it seems channeling at times. You are learning a new skill.
More specific information about time frame of the exercises will given.
A word about working towards creating results in your life. Imagination exercises go along with working towards bringing a deep desire into reality. I realize some people may already know their creative purpose.
Those of you who do should be taking daily action towards making it a reality. Along with doing the exercises. Those who do not should still be working on creating results in their lives.
For example, it could be losing 5lbs in a month, paying off a mortgage or putting together a trip. The point is make sure you are working towards something that you want to create. At the time you will exericse you imaginatiion daily.
The Exercises
Before you begin the exercises getting into a playful mindset can help.
Know that you are taking care of your mental fitness and working towards your deep desires. You are taking a positive and powerful life transforming step.
I am giving you 5 Imagi-sizes.
Choose 3 exercises to do per day. You will imagi-size exercise 5 days per week for 30 days.

Imagi-Size #1: Freedom Spotlight

Body Position: Standing up, Eyes open.
Imagine that you are world renowned expert for getting lives “unstuck.” You are at an awards dinner for all your wonderful achievements in this area. A confident speaker.
Imagine you are giving a speech at the dinner after you get your award. You are standing at the podium in front of the audience and you accept the award. It is for outstanding achievement in helping countless people get unstuck.
You should speak out loud for at least five minutes- please stand up and keep your eyes open. If you find yourself stumbling for words in the beginning say anything. Keep going until you get on topic. You may consider recording the speech.

Why am I doing this/How will it help get me unstuck?

Since you are stuck your current role or view of who you are is limiting.
This will help you to step out of your current role. It will allow you to experience different perspectives and angles. You may surprise yourself with how resourceful you are as an expert. By doing this exercise you may open avenues you would have never considered.

Imagi-Size #2: Living With Power

Body Position: Standing up, eyes open.
Write down the names of 5 real people that you consider to be very powerful:
  •  Choose one name from the list.
  • Imagine yourself shooting powerful energy out of your arms. Through your hands and to the powerful person that you chose. You may hold your arms out, to the sides or whatever feels the most powerful for you.
  • Imagine taking their essence, their energy. Levitate them with your projection of energy.
  • Imagine propelling this person with your energy up and out through the room. Out into the universe until you crash him or her into the sun.
  • Do this with all five people on the list. Repeat three times.

Why am I doing this / How will it help get me unstuck?

When you are stuck, you need to connect with your power to create and make things happen. This exercise helps to connect with that. To create things, you need mental energy.
When you create it comes from you and through you. This both increases your mental energy and connects you with that fact that you are the one creating. Also, this exercise helps to expand your paradigm of how powerful you are in general.
Launching “powerful” people in your imagination expands what you believe is possible. Not in a logical way of course as those rules don’t apply to imagination. Also, to go after your purpose and make it a reality you need a good dose of courage. Increasing your power to create increases your belief in being able to make it happen.

Imagi-Size  #3: Dreams Come True

Body Position: This is a writing exercise. Sitting down is fine. You should write this out by hand and not by keyboard.
You will write for at least of 5 minutes about the following:
  • This is what holds me back from achieving my dreams…….
  • This is why the future is wide open for me to achieve my dreams..
Place each statement on top of separate pieces of paper and continue writing. If you start off with nonsense that is fine but keep going until you get on topic. Write fast. There is no right or wrong answer. You need not think it through slowly. Start writing and go.

Why am I doing this/How will it help get me unstuck?

Free flow imaginative writing can reveal things that are unconscious. If they are unconscious you are not aware of them and so can’t do much about them. Becoming conscious views, concepts and positions you hold put you in charge. By being aware of how you hold yourself back you can then free yourself.
It also helps you to experience how your position in the now affects where you are going in the future. This helps opens the road ahead to live your creative purpose.

Imagi-Size #4: Transcend Stuckness

Body position: Standing or seated. Eyes open.
Your assignment is to interview an all-knowing genius:
  • Imagine you are in a room outside of the universe.
  • Imagine a small table in the middle on the room with one chair on each side of the table.
  • Now, imagine the genius takes a seat and waiting for you to sit down. He/she knows you are there to interview him/her.
  • You are now ready to begin the interview.
  • You have 5 minutes minimum to ask the genius anything you want. If you keep going that is fine you can go until you feel the genius has nothing more to teach you in that session.
  • Make sure to write down the answers from the genius.


Why am I doing this/How will it help get me unstuck?

You are stepping out of your everyday limited framework. This allows you to tap into possibilities you would have not considered. For example, you may not consider yourself a genius. This exercise allows you to expand who your image of who you are.
This is crucial in helping you get unstuck. The reason is it is like occupying the same space. You know what it feels like to be stuck in small cramped room.
When in your case you are “occupying” the same mental space. As such you continue to get the same results. This will help expand that space and the results you get in your life.

Imaginative exercise #5: Projecting Power

Body Position: Standing. Eyes Open.
Imagine a structure that exists that you feel is very powerful.
Now imagine an object that exists that you consider to be very powerful.
  • Imagine that you are moving that object with your mind into the structure. You can do this any way you want. For example, you can see yourself projecting energy into the object. Then shoot it into the structure with the energy.
  • If the object is larger than the structure imagine fitting it in any manner you can. If it is much smaller than the structure imagine filling the structure up with many objects.
  • Once the structure is filled imagine yourself levitating the structure. Imagine projecting it up and crashing it into the moon. Repeat a minimum of five times.
This is like Imagi-Size #2 but you are coming from a different angle. You would not only do one movement to grow your muscles.
If you are going to get yourself unstuck you need energy, movement, fluidity. The exercise will increase your creative energy that you have available. You need this to take action and make things happen.

Next Steps…

Do you want to break free from limiting ideas and beliefs? How about experiencing more joy, creativity and purpose in your life?
I am available for one on one direct consulting if you prefer more one on one service. Also, I’m working on some cutting edge, powerful materials to help you. Live seminars will be available soon too!
Creatively Yours,

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