Life Coach Manhattan (Creator of Imagi-size ™ & The Imagination Proliferation Success Method ™)
I've always been an explorer.

Learn the methods I took years to discover

I spent a lot of time trying many things.

In college and graduate school (not law school but a Master’s program), I accrued over 42 credits in psychology/counseling courses.

As a portion of my credits, I obtained over 200 educational hours approved by the New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services towards status as a credentialed alcohol and substance abuse counselor.

During graduate school, I volunteered as a Resident Assistant Volunteer at the Covenant House Crisis Center.

Here I evaluated homeless young adolescents for referral regarding psychological, vocational, physical, educational and housing needs resulting in treatment, discharge and aftercare planning.

I was one of a select few volunteers who received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Service.

I began my legal career with a clinical internship at the world-famous Innocence project in NYC where I managed a caseload of ten clients working towards getting their wrongful convictions exonerated through DNA testing.

I practiced law for over 12 years. I counseled individuals through difficult and challenging times.

In my spare time, I continued to explore consciousness and powerful transformative methods. I received direct instruction from the creator of “Imagination Work” and learned how to teach others this powerful transformative art.

Eventually, I found myself drawn to doing the work that I really love…. helping others empower themselves to make the changes they desire and achieve success on their own terms.

Life Coach Manhattan

Teaching runs in the blood

Mom was a teacher. Dad was a teacher. Grandma was a teacher. My aunts and uncles were teachers. Looks like the stork dropped me off at the right house, because now it’s my turn.
My grandmother instilled in me that learning is a never-ending process. She often broke down complex ideas and presented them in a simplified way. This came in handy when I became an attorney and later when coaching others.

Helping you break free to new levels

I understand how frustrating it can be to feel trapped and unable to create the results you desire. And also to be trapped in a situation that is not aligned with your deepest desires.
My unique approach show specifically how you can break through your toughest resistance. There’s a reason I give out valuable information free of charge. I’ve struggled in the past, but there is a better way. I know the pain of my personal experience and I want to infuse some good back into the world.

If an Ordinary Life is Not For You…

If living just an ‘ordinary’ life is not an option for you, if you feel stuck with the status quo, or if you yearn for something more…I can help you.
Our society tells us to stop dreaming and become “realistic”, become an “adult” and offers tons of proof about the way things “are.” Yes, in this physical world there sometimes are certain limitations. However, most of the time:

Don’t fall for it.

We are going in another direction here. It is your dreams that provide the fuel for you In attaining what you truly desire. It’s your imagination that is key to unlock all jailhouse doors. That rebel in you that knows better, that is a good thing. It is there for a reason. We will embrace it and let it go in a positive, way.
And the best part? Just be prepared to be challenged and release the shackles restrictively placed on your life.
At heart, however, I am like you. Just an individual who struggled at times in life and sought a better way. I have failed. I have been depressed. I have been unhappy. And that is a good thing because it has lead me to where I am now able to help you release your greatness.

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