An Open Letter To Your Future

Dear Success Minded Consciousness Expanding Fellow Journeyer:

Please read this small letter with big punch potential from me to you. Your future may just high five and bear hug you for it.

I have no “Simple System” to your enlightenment.

I’m not going to make any cookie cutter claims to knock your pants off.

Forget about a 3 step plan to success….I always wondered do you stop at 3 steps? If you take a 4th step do you fall off a cliff into some cosmic abyss?

And I will never promise you that you will get anywhere without getting your hands dirty, experiencing some healthy growing pains and taking good old fashion action.

But I can promise I can show you a way that you can experience dynamic truths personal to you.

A way that you can increase your sense of possibility and your level of freedom, purpose, meaning a fulfillment.

I have done it for myself and I have done for others. I can help do it for you too.

Save a lot of time, unnecessary stress and struggle playing around with low octane traditional approaches.

You won’t have to surgically try to replace one belief with another. Nor will you have to try to constantly monitor your thoughts to make sure they are the “right” kind. You wont have to magnetize things to yourself or follow limits such as “laws” of how the universe operates.

Nor will you have to try to eliminate your ego and merge with the oneness (you can do that if you like but after a while you’ll eventually have to do something else in this life). And finally, you won’t have to give up any deep desires.

In fact, I want you to align with deep desires so that you can make them a reality.

So what’s in the Juicy Sauce?

  • Alignment with deep purposeful desires +
  • Pro-active, powerful, conscious, explosive use of the imagination +
  • Lessons to help dissolve limits +
  • Creative Action

If you stick with these 4 items, you will experience powerful transformation on your own terms without dogma or assembly line truths.

So, if you are not afraid to try something new and are ready to learn how you can expand your sense of possibility, options, optimism, creative energy, ability to achieve results, yada, yada, yada…check out some of my articles and then if you decide you want to go further to find out how I can help you get there.

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