Small Business Entrepreneurship
Is an employee mindset killing your business? I couldn’t wait to fire my boss.   There I was all set to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. I had done the research. Made all the “proper” contacts. Spent money. Time. Effort. Blood. Sweat. Yadda, yadda..   I executed my plan and was ready for...
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Forcing business boxing punch
Are you failing to get clients because you are using business force? Whatever entrepreneurial field you are in you need to master the tools of the trade. You will wear many hats as an entrepreneur. Excellent skills in your niche is key. You also need to know about advertising, marketing, social media, website production, etc…..But...
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Endless blue skies. Warm sands, cool ocean breezes. Looking forward to a cleansing swim you plunge into the cool refreshing surf. At first, enjoying the weightless feeling and the sun reflecting off the ocean surface like a million dances diamonds, dancing only for you. But then….you look back and notice your far off course. The...
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