They Are Few We Are Many There are billions of people on this planet but only thousands at the top enslaving the many- in control of vast amounts of money, resources, etc.. ..since you are many and they are few there is a clear way out of this….. They plan things for you without you...
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  What are archetypes? Carl Jung was a famous psychologist. He was among the first famous psychologists out there. Jung was friends (and then was not friends) with Freud. He created a hugely influential theory that continues to have a lot of popularity today. One of the main concepts of Carl Jung’s theory is the...
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Who is Terence Mckenna? First a few Terence Mckenna quotes: “Nobody knows jack shit about what is going on” “What’s big news is, if you set your life as a quest, you will actually find something transcendental and unimaginable.” “We have to stop consuming culture . Create your own roadshow” “The cost of sanity in...
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Spiritual life coaching: Finding the Lost Connection It doesn’t matter who you are life for everyone becomes hectic and challenging at times. For some people, stress of work starts to take a toll, for others it’s the inability to manage work-life balance successfully. There are multiple resources now available that can help you achieve peace...
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Humor on Spiritual Path Funny Monkey
Well Tickle My Soul Silly Till Tuesday Humor is powerful. The great news is last time I checked it was still free. It is a way of healing. It is a way of stepping out of a limited framework and seeing things through a new angle. From 1,000 feet above the original framework. Or a...
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Are You Slowing Down Your Spiritual Progress by Failing to Align with Context? I want you to keep in mind the concepts of content and context throughout your life journey. Content is: A fish in the sea context is the sea The planets in space Wave in the ocean What’s within a circle drawn on...
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