Causality 101 (Cause & Effect)

Today’s post is brief.

I am the one responsible for how I feel, how I see myself and the choices I make. A to B to C causality is based on faulty, incorrect perception. We see one thing, then the other and assume that A caused B.

That assumption is incorrect. Not only is that assumption incorrect, it assumes there is no freedom.
For example, if your parents caused you, then you are an effect of their education.

That would make you a victim. Your mother/father (cause) you (effect). That would mean that you are the victim of the choices made by your mother ad father. In other words, you are placing the power outside of you.

People say, “you made me feel bad.” That is the same confusion.

You called me an “idiot” and I felt bad.
That would assume that you (cause) made me (effect) feel bad.
The truth is that if I feel bad it’s because I see bad in me. Otherwise it would have no effect on me.
You calling me whatever doesn’t change anything.

We assume, for example, McDonald’s makes us fat. No. Someone choosing to eat McDonald’s can makes them fat.  Don’t blame McDonald’s for a personal choice. He “made” me do it. She “made” me do it. That is the same kind of erroneous logic.

With all those assumptions, we feel powerless. We feel powerless because we assume the power is outside of us. This is reinforced by our society and therefore often internalized further.  Just turn on the news and you will this type of mentality contaminating everything coming out the newscaster mouth.

The truth is the power is not outside of us. You are more powerful than the Universe. The cause is the mind and the effect is the world.

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