Is Compromising Your Dreams Really A Sign Of Maturity?

This is the question for you if you have ever shared a passionate new vision for your life……. and been told to ‘be realistic.’

Do you accept others’ wet blanket counsel, or do you shrug it off and turn the grand visions of your imagination into a reality?

Sadly, lots of us at times have chosen the cold, mushy blanket.

Many of us have been duped into thinking that there is no other option but to stay inside wrapped tightly under the covers. However, there are people outside running free in the sun who have let their blankets dry up, and cast them aside.

We have largely bought into a lie about what is possible. The ‘official’ version of ‘what is’ has been manufactured. Think about that- it is largely invented. You have the same power to invent for yourself and can also use it to reveal the illusions and limits of what you think is possible.

Mind power techniques using imagination can take your from the life you live to the life you love.

Why many teachings are counterproductive to achieving your dreams

Remember when you were a child? You were years away from being trapped under the wet blanket. You still have that freedom as part of your nature although it may be under the covers.

Imagination is not merely for child’s play. It is not merely a silly toy used to ‘escape reality.’ Imagination is extremely powerful and can be applied so that you too can run in the sun. Mind power techniques using the imagination can open the door to something much greater.

You will know this not from only an intellectual level but also from an experiential level by regularly exercising your imagination, uncovering a deep desire and working towards making that desire a reality. All three combined can rapidly remove the covers.

So, you might be wondering…

“Can you really use BOTH your proactive imagination and logic to know exactly how to invest your time, energy and money into creating the life that you really deserve and desire?”

The answer is, unequivocally YES.

Here are some of the things that can help make your deep desires a fact in your life:

  • Creative Purpose: Get clear and focused on finding and making your creative purpose a reality.
  • Imagination Proliferation: Unique and powerful exercises to live from a paradigm of unlimited possibility and infinite invention.
  • Proactive Imagination: Consciously tapping into the infinite power of imagination during everyday situations for rapid progress.
  • Gravity-Free Dreams: Aiming for your highest aspirations, dreams, desires, and purpose without worrying about ‘making mistakes’ or ‘doing it wrong.’
  • Rooted Results: Practical real-world results making your purpose/dreams a reality in the world, without being too mechanical or too ‘woo-woo’.

There are several aspects of imagination regarding creating the life you desire: one major aspect is the projection of energy. Assume for a minute that we are in a universe of energy; you are energy, food is energy, thoughts and emotions are energy.

The projection of energy can play a crucial role in connecting you with your creative power. It places authorship of the life script you’re writing back into your hands. It can’t be measured or quantified. You can only know it through experience.

There are also acting (role play), writing and other imaginative methods that help you break free of compromise once and for all.

The way out is to go within. Are you ready to throw away that out mushy blanket that you have outgrown long ago? I promise if you take the plunge an infinite road lies ahead……Where would you like to go?

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