Context Vs. Content on a Spiritual Path

Are You Slowing Down Your Spiritual Progress by Failing to Align with Context?

I want you to keep in mind the concepts of content and context throughout your life journey.

Content is:

  • A fish in the sea context is the sea
  • The planets in space
  • Wave in the ocean
  • What’s within a circle drawn on a sheet paper
  • Tree in a forest
  • A flower in a field

Context in the above examples is:

  • The sea
  • Space
  • Ocean
  • Entire sheet of paper
  • Forest
  • Field

What is Content on a Spiritual Path?

Content is specific, definition, description. For example, an individual choice made is content. An action or behavior you can point to is content. It is linear, linear meaning of the framework that this causes that, a=b. Content is often where most people focus and get stuck. Within the field of content, you need force to overcome things.

Content works within narrow limits. The ego focuses on content, which is form, limitation. When I say ego, I mean a limited picture of who you believe you are.

Reason is the tool we use to know content. You can think of it like having a mental camera lens on zoom. With a content lens, you focus on what’s in front of you. The lens focuses on the individual, separate, discrete and apart.

Your ego self identifies with content. Content is within the realm of form. Content is your ideas, thoughts, beliefs and roles. You are more than this. You are the self who experiences them, the thoughts, ideas, roles and beliefs. That is, they are not immovable, rock bottom characteristics of your true nature. That is good news because it means you can do something about it.

What is Context on a Spiritual Path?

God/Universal Self, Imagination, etc. is not within the limits of content but rather is context. Context is the framework, paradigm or field. The context is the prevailing conditions. To know what content means we must know the context. Content arises out of context. Power is found through context.

Context supplies meaning. Context is the realm of the formless. It is sometimes referred to as the non-physical, the universe, the domain of God, etc……

We pass things through context before we determine meaning and significance. Zooming out from specific details you meet context.

How About a Whale of an Example?

Let’s look at history. A specific event is content. In and of itself the event means nothing. To understand the meaning of the specific action or event we must know the context. For example, let’s take the content of killing a whale. What does this event mean? What is the significance of this action? Here is the thing, we don’t know yet, we must know the context.

If I tell you:

  • People killed the whale a long time ago
  • Indigenous peoples of the Arctic region did it
  • Whales at the time were plentiful
  • In a time when the whale was the only source of food
  • The whale would keep a whole village alive for a year
  • They took only what was necessary and no excess killing occurred
  • Nothing went to waste
  • They worshiped the whale and thanked it for its offering
  • They avoided killing a pregnant whale

The above bullet points would be one type of context.

Now, let’s change the context…..if I said:

  • The killing of the whale took place today by a modern fishing fleet
  • Total number of whales left makes them endangered
  • Threw most of the whale away
  • Used only parts that get a high price
  • They killed the whale over a six-hour period
  • Whalers were laughing in delight as the whale writhed in pain
  • Greed was the motivation, for money etc.,

The above is another context. Thus, the content (killing if the whale) takes on a different meaning.

A Murderous Example?

Another example comes from our legal system. Let’s say there was a murder, this is content. To attach meaning to the content we need to know the context. If I told you:

  • The perpetrator raped the victim over a three-day period
  • The perpetrator was holding a knife at the victim’s throat
  • Telling him/her that they would kill them and then their kids
  • At some point the victim attempted to break free
  • The perpetrator tried to kill the victim so they could not get away
  • In defense the victim killed the perpetrator

This is one context.

This would differ very much from let’s say a murder for hire done to collect life insurance money from a loving spouse. The content is the same, murder. The meaning is different.

When placed into context the specific content means something very different. What is acceptable or not acceptable at the level of content you determine by context. To understand the meaning of an individual’s choice we need to know the social context in which they made it.

How Can You Speed up Your Spiritual Progress with Context?

On your spiritual path, you withdraw attachment to, or identification with content. Content for example such as I am a mother, an accountant, an American, a body and so on. You have that experience of course but grow to understand you are much more than that.

A much larger reality is context. You identify with, align with the context. Your focus is not on changing the content in the illusion. Rather you change the context so your framework changes. As a side effect or consequence of changing the context, what the content means changes on its own.

You do not focus on using the tools of content to change content. Some tools of content are reason, intellectualization, logic, mental concepts. This keeps people trapped in a limited picture.

Rather, you focus changing context through the tools of

  • Faith
  • Will
  • Imagination
  • Intention

You focus on the infinite non-physical realm of consciousness. Altering context your experience of content and your tangible behaviors and actions change. This is an important concept to grasp because it is super powerful.

As you keep going layers unfold. You become aware of yourself as being much like a character in a movie. Zooming out more you become aware that you are the one observing the character in the movie. You are not stuck or trapped in the movie.

Turbo Charge Your Spiritual Progress Now

Identifying with content keeps you a limited picture of your life. You can expand by shifting your focus to identifying with context. This widens the meaning you attached to things in your life. It allows more room for many new possibilities. There is no end to this and the growth available you is infinite.

Where would you like to go next?

Shift into higher gear from content to context. You withdraw identifying with the smaller version of yourself. Then, your context expands. Meaning deepens and you act more from the infinite wellspring within. You identify with the infinite, the eternal, the transcendent part of you.

Context can open doors to wide open spaces. Where would you like to go?




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