(Day 1) How to uncover beliefs that strangle your potential?

(Transformative Action day 1 of 6)

Today’s Transformative Action is all about uncovering your hidden beliefs regarding imagination. If negative beliefs exist in your mind regarding imagination, you’ll never reach your true potential.
This Transformative Action is simple yet very powerful.
Where did this powerful exercise come from?
Here’s the background story…

Several years ago I was faced with a crisis I could no longer ignore….

Continue down the path I was going while becoming increasing miserable (but playing it safe) by following everyone else’s rules and staying within familiar limits or….

Take a faithful leap and go for what I really wanted.

Truth is I was not happy.

I felt deep down I was not living the life I was supposed to be living…the life I really wanted to be living. And when you know that it is hard to live with yourself. I desperately wanted to write the script of my life.

I had always been an explorer and studied various spiritual disciplines, consciousness raising paths and mind expansion techniques. Yet, still I was stuck, trapped, frozen.

Maybe you can relate?

Then, I discovered something that tied it all together.

Something that connected me with my power to create the results in my life.

And I added it to it to make it even more powerful. My confidence grew and I was no longer afraid to live life on my own terms. I took the plunge. It wasn’t easy.

There was some life gravity at first….but

Momentum built. I:

  • Kept at it
  • Tweaked things to make them more powerful
  • Believed in and had faith in things that were not yet a reality

It got easier.

Then, I hit escape velocity.

I no longer look back.

I want to share with you this powerful information that will allow you to become the hero of your own story. Our society tells us to stop dreaming and become “realistic,” become an “adult” and offers tons of proof about the way things “are.”
Hey that’s just the way it is, suck it up.
This limits you us countless ways. Things will certainly seem that way and operate that way if you buy into it but…It is not a concrete rule or law that forms some rock bottom version of “reality” as the way it is sold.

Bull. It’s a con. Don’t fall for it.

We are going in another direction here.
It is your dreams that provide the juice to fuel you in creating what you truly desire.
 It’s your imagination that is key to Transformation. There is a shining diamond in your pocket. You just may have forgotten…………
Imagination is not merely child’s play. It is not merely a token used to “escape reality.” With the increased use of imagination your sense of self, the world, people and what is possible explodes.
Therefore, your life transforms.
You gain the confidence to pursue what you always wanted.
Boredom lifts.
A sense of fulfillment becomes greater, possibilities greater, options greater, etc. You see, when used in certain powerful ways imagination goes to the source of the river of life.
It is the non-physical and works on your mind and soul (the cause) from which everything in your life (the effect) stems. So when you work at this level (that is, from the source of where the “water” comes from) everything downstream transforms…..
The time to expand the flow of your life is here.
Becoming aware is the first step.
Because if you are not aware of something than it operates outside your sphere of control.
And if it stays there than there is not too much you can do about it.
For today’s Action I want you to explore how you feel about imagination.

Transformative Action: Day # 1 – Imagination Exploration

Today I want you to begin to uncover your thoughts and beliefs towards imagination.
Do you truly believe imagination can be the key to change your life?
Take out a journal, blank piece of paper, or open up a word doc.
On the top of the page, write:
“Will I allow imagination to become the key to change my life?” (note you are the gatekeeper here, that is it is you who can choose to either let more imagination into your life or not)
Then, I want you to write, without editing, for at least 5 minutes.

If at first what you write doesn’t make logical sense or it seems like gibberish that is fine.

Just keep going.
In the next post I’ll be diving into why an overemphasis on something you use every day is holding you back.
Plus, you can complete the next action: Get to the Truth.
This will help you create instant momentum.

Until then…..

Creatively Yours,


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