(Day 2) How to escape living in a limited box?

(Transformative Action day 2 of 6)

For years, I had practiced various “success” methods.
I wanted to be both successful in terms of “worldly” success (I wanted to create wealth and have abundance for the freedom it would afford me) while also touching upon something deeper, transcendent, purposeful, meaningful, creative & spiritual.

Yet I still was stuck in a job I hated, an unhappy relationship, yada yada yada…

Sure a few small things changed but it was often eventually one step up and two steps back. And it was also like living in a room that you don’t like but you decorate it as best as possible.

It was frustrating, disappointing and at times downright depressing.

And I knew I had only myself to blame yet I still couldn’t find my way out.

Years later as I started practicing adding large amounts of imagination to my life (in a powerful, active, explosive, eyes open, fully awake conscious way, nothing passive about it as is often taught and practiced) I understood why I had been unable to transform……. 

Imagine the way you view things as a mental space that you occupy.

Let’s say this mental space is a box.
It is all around you and affects every area of your life.
Everything you do or don’t do takes place in accordance with what you have available in the box, the amount of space in the box, what you believe is possible within that box. And since nothing else seems to exist you wouldn’t even consider looking outside of it or if you did you might not see anything.
You want to find answers to your problems and you do so within the space of that box……… And you want to live the best life you can within the confines of that box.
Tweak this, tweak that, rearrange this, reduce things down to sizable bits you can tackle.
The issue is you can’t see that the space itself is limiting:

The box is the problem!

Let’s say you start your day in the box.

Imagine it’s dark and drab, after all the lid of the box is closed.  The same problems in your life pop up like a broken record.

  • You are bored out of your mind
  • Doing work you cannot stand
  • Feel trapped with no way out
  • Crave more freedom
  • Confidence is dropping        

But then you do something different. You start using your Imagination in the way that I teach.  And this is not just any use of the imagination.  This is a powerful, explosive, pro-active, conscious use of the imagination.There is nothing passive about it.

We are talking going light years beyond things such as law of attraction, guided meditation, creative visualization, removal/replacement of beliefs, NLP, etc.

Next thing you know you are punching through the lid of the box.

The sunshine breaks through and illuminates everything.
You see more options and possibilities.
Your confidence to create what you really want multiplies.
You take action to make it happen.

This is a prerequisite for you taking action that really matters and making the necessary changes you were not able to make previously.
That’s the key here the imagination connects you with your true power to create the results want in your life.
It also blows the lid of previously perceived limits.
It puts you back in the driver’s seat of your life.
It gives you back the confidence to take the larger leaps that really matter.
Once your eyes adjust you are amazed at what you see…
You are not bound by that box after all.
Rather, you are immersed in an endless field!
Any original “problem” and “solution” drop away.  

You are now blazing new trails and creating what you truly want.

It sure beats trying to make that tiny box the best box that it could be because that will never make you happy.

Let’s get your imagination percolating.

Don’t worry there is no one right way to do this and you are not getting graded.

The imagination is infinite and the answers it gives to you are very personalized.

This is not a formal imagination exercise as in the exercises I create but this is a first step to start getting your imagination brewing and life moving….
Let’s stoke up your inner fire to help you get clear on where you want to go and get you motivated as well:

Transformative Action 2 – Get to the Truth


Right now get out your journal or Word Doc you used yesterday’s exercise.
Your goal today is to get to the truth.

Imagine yourself living an ideal day in your future. Keep your eyes open when imagining this. Write down your discoveries as well as answering the questions below.
For example, you could imagine yourself doing the work you love, connecting with others on a deep level, living an abundant life helping others etc… whatever makes you the most excited emotionally.  

Imagine it as if it is a reality now.

  • What will you gain in all areas of your life?
  • What kind of experiences will you get to have?
  • How does that feel?

Part #2

Imagine how your life will be if you continue to go down the road that you are on now…
Imagine what this will mean for you…. for another year, 5 years, 10 years, the rest of your life…

  • What would you miss out on?
  • Opportunities lost?
  • Experiences will you not have?
  • How does that make you feel?
  • What will it cost you emotionally, psychological, financially, spiritually, socially etc…

Now contrast where you want to be with where you are now….

In the next post, we’re going to focus on Redefining Reality. You’ll have the powerful opportunity to look at major decisions in your life from a completely different angle.

Until then….


Creatively Yours,



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