(Day 3) Are you imprisoning your dreams by failing to recognize this dream locking factor?

(Transformative Action post 3 of 6)

I had sky high dreams that were not a reality.

I figured those closest to me would be very supportive or at least somewhat supportive about me making the changes I truly desired.

For me, one of the main things was leaving my profession to start my own business and contribute to others lives in a way that was meaningful.

Surprisingly, everyone tried to talk me out of it.

Zero support from others.


In fact, straight up opposition.

Here are some of the things I heard:

  • That’s just how it is
  • Suck it up
  • Deal with it
  • Be real
  • Stop dreaming
  • You can’t do it
  • It’s impossible
  • Will never happen
  • It is what it is
  • Will never change
  • The future looks grim anyway why bother
  • Forget it
  • Just be happy with what you got
  • Stop complaining
  • What are you crazy?
  • Etc…

So much for support!
So I needed to develop rock hard faith in that which was not a reality yet.

And along the way something occurred to me.

You have not been taught the true power of your imagination to affect change in your life…….

Our culture puts little value on imagination.

Almost to the exclusion of imagination we’re taught to ‘be realistic.’
This approach is like going to a gym and only lifting weights with one arm.
Before you know it, you’ve got one arm like Popeye, the other in atrophy.  
It’s the same with not making imagination a greater part of your life.
And it’s the reason why over-focus on ‘being realistic’ keeps you in jobs you hate; loveless relationships; a cookie-cutter type of existence you don’t want; and compromising your dreams for someone else’s.
Logic operates within limits.
That’s what helps keep you trapped in that box we talked about yesterday.
It also keeps you from trusting and expressing your innate creative powers, the very thing you need to get you out.
Logic alone will always tell us we don’t want to make ‘mistakes’ or do something ‘wrong’.
That’s why you need the inventive wisdom of imagination.

The good news is you are by your very nature a creative being that can create without end.

You are not powerless and at the whim of external conditions.
Imagination reconnects you to your natural internal power.
How powerful is your imagination?
Ever see the NYC skyline…..the whole thing first existed in the imagination… about the concept of America….that’s right, first it was an imaginative idea before it was a reality….etc…etc…
Over time without imagination your mental picture of what is possible and what is not becomes hardened.
You lose your mental flexibility about what “is” and what “is” not.
This limits you in ways you are not even aware.

Things are much more fluid and flexible then they may seem.

Just because something seems a certain way does not mean it is that way.
This includes what is possible for your life.
That means there is another choice and another way to live.
And the first step is becoming aware.
Because when you are aware you can do something about it.
And this places the cause of many of the results in your life back to its proper place:
The mind.
Cause=The Mind
Effect=Your Life

This empowers you like nothing else can.
With more imagination incorporated into your life once frozen ideas, concepts and paradigms begin to melt.

Your context changes by expanding.

Once context expands everything within your life takes on a new meaning.

The specifics, the meaning of the particulars in your life change as a natural consequence of an expanded context.
You experience a greater reality that flows into every area of your life.
Imagination is infinite.

It is at the core of who you are on a larger level.
When you feed the flames of imagination into your life you no longer experience things in your life as limited, concrete and closed off……. but rather alive, expansive and fluid.
This allows you to take steps you would not have even considered taking before. Your first step forward to a more fulfilling life is becoming more aware of certain positions you hold.

Transformative Action: Day #3 Action – Redefining Reality

Your Transformative Action for today is to answer the following:
What are three times in my life when I talked myself out of trying to make a deep desire a reality because I thought it wasn’t “realistic” or “possible” for me?
Take out your journal now and write down three experiences in your life where being “realistic” cost you a deep desire.
Has doing what you once thought you should resulted in regret?

While it’s a great step in the right direction to become aware of certain positions holding you back…

…all of this is of no consequence…

…you must have a strategy to make your transformation and goals happen. 

And this is what exactly you’ll learn in the next post.
Until then,


Creatively Yours,

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