(Day 6) Let’s continue where we left off from on the last post (which was Transformative Action day 5 of 6)…..

What is Imagisize?

(Transformative Action post 6 of 6)


You are familiar with exercise.

Imagisize is similar in the sense that you are strengthening your power through regular exercise. But Imagsize affects every area of your life since it expands your mental landscape.  

You increase the “size” of your mental landscape and thus your life. It’s the difference between a small cell versus an endless field.

What can I expect from Imagisize?

The imagination is infinite and can’t fit the infinite into a small box. ….And when stuck the last thing needed is a small box.  But what you can do through imagination exercise is learn to let more of the infinite into your life. It’s like a door that opens to let the infinite shine through. You let more of the infinite light in by using your imagination to open the door more and more. When you do this who you are expands and thus your life as well.


Expect some wonderful variety.


I’m sure you are familiar with having flashes of insights, life changing revelations and paradigm shifting views that occur in an instant. You know you’re in the shower and suddenly you know exactly what to do- it is like a wonderful gift. Seeming ‘coincidences’ or synchronicities are common.


Creating results gets easier. You are an expert creator. This makes it easier to live your creative purpose.


These are just a few of the things you will experience when you exercise your imagination and simultaneous create results in your life.  

How to get the most from Imagisizing?

First, don’t make this mistake.  


Imagsizing is an active, strong powerful use of the imagination.  There is nothing passive about it.


You can use this creative power to take action to make your creative purpose a reality.


You do the exercises in a fully conscious state with eyes open. Physical movements are common. Combining items that are already part of you with one’s life with new additional elements that you invent is often part of the process.


I give you a solid framework to work within- however you will actively make choices within that framework and fill in details yourself.

Why is this important?

Well it’s as if I construct a strong safe house for you to live in. However, I am not going to put photos of my family in your house and choose the color of paint on the walls. Placing photos of my family in your house has no meaning for you. And if I choose the color of the walls for you I may choose one that does not excite you. So, you get to choose things that are meaningful to you and that excite you.


Every detail is not dictated to you like guided meditation and other similar methods. This helps you make the exercise very personal and powerful for you. It also helps with filling in the dots and thinking and creating for yourself. Your active participation is key.


The great thing is you get to use both your creative imaginative nature and your logic. You will be dip deep into the imagination like never before. This is where the magical, mystical and spiritual occur.


When integrating results into your life you will exercise ample levels of logic to make it a reality.


You will be taking your increased imaginative energy and channeling it into creating results. This is where your creative purpose takes hold. You do the exercises and work towards making your highest dreams and aspirations a reality. When you are aligned with doing what you truly desire there is no substitute. For example, every do a job you hated versus a job you loved? Big difference.


Interestingly, Imagination increases creativity and creating results increases imagination.


You get unstuck by upsizing your perspective and life with imagination!


Do the exercises for a minimum of one one month. After that you can continue them as long as you like-that is as long as you feel you are getting something out of them. The caveat here is don’t quit early if it seems challenging at times. You are learning a new skill.


A word about working towards creating results in your life. The imagination exercises go hand in hand with working towards bringing a deep desire into reality. I realize some people may already know their creative purpose. Those of you who do should be taking daily action towards making that a reality along with doing the exercises. Those who do not should still be working on creating results in their lives.


For example, it could be losing 5lbs in a month, paying off a mortgage, putting together a trip etc. The point is make sure you are working towards something that you really want to create simultaneously with the exercises.

Today’s Transformative Action (Day 6 of 6) is to perform the exercises as outlined below.

I have hundreds of different of imagination exercises that can help with many different areas of your life. Since I’m giving a sample here I will use exercises for a common complaint that I hear…that is people often feel stuck, mentally “frozen”, trapped etc…..


The Exercises!  


Before you begin the exercises getting into a playful mindset can help. For example, if it excites you, think of yourself as an imagination athlete playing the role of imagilete, mindlete, funlete or just invent a role name that juices your passion. Many people find the different mindset the exercises bring on intoxicating.


Know that you are taking care of your mental fitness and working towards your deep desires. You are taking a positive and powerful life transforming step.


Imagi-Size #1:

Freedom Spotlight

Body Position: Standing up, Eyes open.


Imagine that you are world renowned expert for getting lives “unstuck.” You are at an awards dinner for all your wonderful achievements in this area. You are a confident speaker. You are giving a speech at the dinner just after awards are presented to you……Standing at the podium in front of the audience where you accept the award for outstanding achievement in helping countless people get unstuck.


You should speak out loud for at least five minutes- please stand up and keep your eyes open. If you can record the speech. If you find yourself stumbling for words in the beginning just say anything but keep going until you get on topic.

Why am I doing this/How will it help get me unstuck?

Since you are stuck your current role or view of who you are is limiting.

This will help you to step out of your current role. It will allow you to experience different perspectives and angles that you may otherwise not consider. Also, since you are an “expert” in this exercise you may surprise yourself with just how resourceful you are. Doing this exercise will open up new avenues otherwise not considered.


Imagi-Size #2:

Living With Power

Body Position: Standing up, eyes open.


Write down the names of 5 real people that you consider to be very powerful:


  1. Choose one name from the list.


  1. Imagine yourself shooting powerful energy out of your arms, through your hands and to the powerful person that you chose. You may hold your arms out, to the sides or whatever feels the most powerful for you.


  1. Now imagine taking what that person means to you, the essence, the energy, the meaning that the person represents to you and imagine levitating them with your projection of energy.  


  1. Imagine propelling this person with your energy up and out through the room you are in and out into the universe until you crash him or her into the sun.


  1. Do this with all five people on the list. Repeat three times.


Why am I doing this / How will it help get me unstuck?


This connects you with your power to create and make things happen. This exercise helps to connect with that. To create things you need mental energy. When you create it comes from you and through you. This both increases your mental energy and connects you with that fact that you are the one creating. In addition, this exercise helps to expand your paradigm of how powerful you are in general. On various levels of your psyche being able to launch “powerful” people in your imagination expands what you believe is possible. Also, to go after your purpose and make it a reality you need a good dose of courage. Increasing your power to create increases your belief in being able to make it happen.

Ideally, you should do these exercises at least five times a week for a minimum of a month.


When I work with people they get exercises specific for them. Over time they have many to choose from. Exercise selection is then up to them each day (choosing 2 to 3 a day) because it is important to the find the ones that resonate the most. Feeling the most “turned on” mentally is the key here. You want to run with the exercises that “juice” you the most.


I hope you enjoyed the Transformative Action series. I may do more Transformative Action posts in the future.


Until the next post….


Creatively yours,

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