Have You Failed to Make This Crucial Entrepreneur Mindset Leap?

Is an employee mindset killing your business?

I couldn’t wait to fire my boss.
There I was all set to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur. I had done the research. Made all the “proper” contacts. Spent money. Time. Effort. Blood. Sweat. Yadda, yadda..
I executed my plan and was ready for the business to poor in. Nothing.
Humm, maybe I have to tweak this or that?
I got some outside help. Website design, SEO, marketing. After all, I hated doing that stuff and just wanted to get to doing hat I liked. Still nothing. I was crushed. I had put every ounce of what was left of me into this.
Where were those people who said they would send someone my way? Where is the website designer to help me fix this. Now please! Universe don’t you have my back ahh wtf.
I was looking in the wrong place. The problem was not with the web designer or the universe or in the material I read to prepare. The problem was in me. It was my mindset.
After many years of being an employee conditioned myself. I conditioned myself to a semi-passive work mindset. The mindset of an employee. And its lingering effects were crushing my new entrepreneurial spirit.

What is an employee mindset?

An employee mindset (as I’m using it here) is a semi-passive work mindset. Work responsibilities generally come from someone else. Your guaranteed pay comes from someone else. What you are allowed to do and not to comes from someone else. Sure, you an be pro-active now and then but it’s still on board someone else’s ship. Pro-activity within a limited space.
And when you make the leap from employee to entrepreneur this old mindset is still front and center. But being an entrepreneur is not being an employee. And you need to place the employee mask in the back closest. It’s time to wear a new hat. You need to put on your entrepreneur mind cap.

What is an entrepreneur mindset?

At first, I was soaked in the employee mindset. After all, many years of conditioning were at play. I need to unwind some of it.
There is so much more to running a business than just putting a system in place. And at times when the more passive employee mindset hit me that is what I wanted a system. I wanted a system so I could focus on the part of the work I enjoyed. Now, I’m not saying that you can’t have people help you do tasks you can’t aim to streamline things.
Advertising? Marketing? SEO? Ughhh I don’t want to have to deal with any of that. All I want to do is coach Darn it!
I realized thinking about being an entrepreneur is one thing. Actually going through the experience is another.
However, my drive to be an entrepreneur overpowered any momentary roadblocks. I realized I needed to take my mindset to the next level.
Because coaching, marketing, advertising, article writing etc. that is being an entrepreneur. If I started stuck in the old mindset of not wanting to do any of that I probably would have just gotten a job again.
You are your business. And there are many facets of it you have to get good at if you want to be successful. Not just the main component, in this example coaching. A major mindset shift exploded. In large part it was a shift from passive acceptance to pro-active creation.

How can you best manifest an entrepreneur mindset to take your new business o the next level?

Think of yourself as a creator. That is what you are at your core and that is what you need to bring front and center as an entrepreneur. You offer a service. That service is something that makes a difference in the world. Focus on the value you bring to the world with yourself.
Payment is a must unless you have overflowing rivers of money. As an entrepreneur the opportunities come from you. You don’t wait for someone else to deliver them. Or rely on someone else to deliver. And you don’t think of yourself as magnet and wait for the universe to deliver. Sure the “universe” may support your efforts but you have to get off your ass first and make it happen. You set it in motion. It is still an active not a passive position. You create the opportunities.
Who could benefit from your services? Where are these people? Can you offer a free workshop? A webinar? A speech? An interview? A podcast? A guest article? Get out there and make it happen. This is both exhilarating and frightening at the same time. Knowing how much is it in your own hands. The fear is okay you are human. Feel it and move ahead.
Think proliferation not reduction or narrowing down. Who else could benefit from my work? What other offers can I create that will benefit others?
Who else could I serve? What additional changes could I make in their lives? What knowledge, wisdom, skill can I offer others to enhance their lives?
You don’t wait for the phone to ring. You don’t wait for the email to pour in. Because on its own it won’t.

When you have on your entrepreneur cap you are:

· Proactive
· Realize wearing many different hats is part of being an entrepreneur
· Wanting to be successful at many facets of your business is good for business
· Aware that you go out and get money yourself by offering a service that makes a difference
· Grow your business by growing yourself (you are your business)
Exercising your imagination also makes it easy to expand your entrepreneurial mindset. I teach these. If that is something that interests you further you can contact me.

Expand your business now by expanding your mindset….

After many years of being an employee it is easy to get stuck in an employee mindset. An employee mindset is passive in some respects. As a new entrepreneur, you need to yank off that employee had and put on the cap of an entrepreneur. With your entrepreneur cap on you are the creator. You are proactive. Realize that you create the opportunities. Don’t wait for email to pour in, the phone to ring or the universe to drop clients in your lap. Offer your service to the world. Bring value and get paid for it.
Understand your business is multi-faceted. And getting good in many different areas is good for business. Once you adjust to this new cap you will grow and so will your business……

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