How The Fangs of Language Suck The Life Blood out of Your Growth

How the Tight Grip of Language is Killing Your Growth?

As you grow your perception expands. When growing you are moving out of the way of limits. You are dissolving them. You are expanding the picture in which you operate.
Language can slowdown that expansion. Sometimes it can bring it to halt. Being frozen in old ideas when you want to do something can keep you trapped.
Language, perception and conclusions about “what is” all dance together. We are so use to words we don’t even notice how they limit our perception. Words represent symbols of what is or “reality.”
Words stand in for the thing but are not the thing. A simple but profound distinction. A word does not represent the essence or ultimate truth of that which it describes.

Drowning Perception in Sea of Language?

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This gets lost in our culture. People ignore it. Are not aware of it.
It is a game everyone plays but they don’t know they are playing. There is a comfort that comes along with the certainty language seems to bring. Language splits things up into subject-object, isolates, categorizes, narrows down, limits, etc……. There is also a price. A limiting price.
This gets a bit tricky, trying to discuss the limitations of words by using words. Alfred Korzybski, author of General Semantics has done some great work in this area. He has great insights into how words shrink a more an expansive view of reality from our cognition.
He speaks of the “is of identity.” We label things in our universe by saying that something is something else (e.g., the bear is black, the ball is round, Jack is a Jerk, etc.). There is an assumption inherent in the “is” formulation. Whenever you use the verb “to be” you are making an assumption about the absolute nature of something.
It may make you feel as if you live in stable, solid concrete realm that you understand. Things seem fixed and unchanging. Yet, we pretty much don’t know what we are talking about in an ultimate sense. And that is okay. There is a freedom in that. A flexibility. A fluidity. A creative spark. A larger self that we tiled over with words emerging again.
There is a deeper, more expansive level to the world around us. There is a much more expansive level of perception. It can break through with direct experience. It goes beyond words.

How to Loosen the Grip and Explode Your Growth?

Language is symbolic. It does not reflect absolute truth. Use inner vision and direct experience to know your deeper essence. Intuition, imagination, the creation of meaning, invention, are all yours. Use them with more frequency and vigor.
Remember that you are the one assigning the meaning to the world around you. You need not limit yourself to the use of words only. handed to you from someone else.
Expand your vision by becoming aware of the limits inherent in language.
How have you confused the words describing something with representing the ultimate truth? Contemplate this today.
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