Goodbye Letter to the Matrix*

You are not the big bad wolf that you seemed to be in the past

You’re a phony, a fake, a con artist in a shiny knock off suit. I can lift the stage show curtain and expose your act. 

The light behind the curtain revealed that you are just an internal position stemming from limited and erroneous teachings. You lie on limited ideas, limited concepts, false conclusions and fabricated mistaken beliefs. Invented.

You are not an insurmountable object with some rock bottom, concrete, immovable existence. I am not some powerless being at the whim of external circumstances is a ruse. Your position that I am some cog in a wheel in some larger machine where my dreams don’t matter is bull. I cannot alter my future is a lie. Anyhow, I can go on and on about your lies but I’ll leave that for another time.

You are but a tiny fraction of what is possible

There is another way and I am re-awakening to this larger portion of myself. There is now enough space and freedom outside of your confines to let it shine through. I certainly don’t want to fight you or go to war with you as that won’t help. Rather, I want to thank you for taking me this far. You were a necessary step in my evolution.  I was angry at first but I’ve moved on…..I’m over it.

I know you may not like this letter because you think you have a monopoly on what is.  You have plenty of people working as public relations experts for you. Anything that falls outside the false limited picture of you that they spew is not seen or ignored.

Consistency is part of your game. An overemphasis on logic part of your game. Dismissing the importance of imagination is part of your game. Powerlessness of the individual is part of your game. Reducing things down (reductionism) to figure out “what they really are” is your game.

I am willing to see things another way

I know this is the key because there is no you after all and it is only up to me.  

(*The “matrix” as I am using it here means consensus reality. This includes both a personal reality for yourself as well as a larger view of reality. It is sometimes also called culture, the dominant culture, society, traditional society or “what is” etc…….

It is pounded into our heads from birth. Thus, we internalize it.  Then in a “reality feedback loop” we interpreted external events according to our internal stance as proof that it “true”. I will be posting more about this in other blog entries.)

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