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How powerful is the mind?

How powerful is the mind?


The mind is the most central aspect of our humanity. It is associated with all the things we could consider as necessary to the human condition: love, thought, abstraction, language, art. It makes us who we are. If you think of the main characteristics associated with being human as opposed to being an animal or like an animal, you will probably identify all the characteristics of the mind, unique to the human species.

However, despite this, it is also something that we understand less than other aspects of ourselves. This is not for a lack of trying – we have been trying to make sense of ourselves and comprehend what it means to have a mind since we developed it. Still, we have a better understanding of the rest of the body than the brain and the mind. However, if there is one thing we can recognize about the mind, is that it is powerful. This includes both in relation to the conscious and the subconscious.

The powers of our mind are amazing, and we often do not fully develop our potential brainpower. Let’s look at how powerful can the mind be in its different dimensions. What can it can help us with? What can a process of training the mind achieve?

Disease and healing

How powerful is the mind when it comes to disease and healing? There is a clear link between the mind and the body. Our moods and emotional states can contribute to negative or positive physical states. Stress can hurt the body, but stress levels are often associated with our perception of the situation.

Beyond this influence, the mind seems to be quite powerful in terms of healing or illness. The placebo effect is well-known – the expectation of feeling better after a treatment can contribute to us feeling better. The mind can have power over the body.

Can we make ourselves sick just through the mind? Yes. If my subconscious really doesn’t want to do something, it can contribute to me falling sick right on schedule, in a way that defies coincidence.

How powerful is the mind? Through the mind, we can influence our physical health for the better or the worse. It makes us get better or fall ill or at least contribute to it. Sometimes, the subconscious can have a powerful influence on the body. How powerful is the mind? Powerful enough to influence us in illness and in health.

Visual perception and attention

If you want to make changes that you can measure train your mind. An example of these involves changes in visual attention and perception. In a study done with Buddhist monks who did extensive and constant meditation and other practices it was found that their visual perception increased significantly. Their capacity to maintain attention and focus visually on an object became many times better than those of a normal person. How powerful is the mind? Training our brainpower can change our visual perception and our attention.

Brainpower and happiness

While we might see happiness as a state that depends primarily on our circumstances, research shows that this is untrue. We can train our mind for happiness and become more satisfied and content through a process of mind programming.

Also, we can expand our capacity for happiness by working with the conscious and the subconscious mind. It i also possible to change the way we think, the way we view the world, the way we interpret the events that happen around us. As a result, through mind programming for happiness, we are able to truly change our circumstances and our inner experiences.

Just how powerful is the mind? It is powerful enough to allow us to be happy if we choose to undergo a process of change for the sake of it.

The power of the subconscious

I might wonder if my subconscious is useful, if I’m not aware of it. It seems that the subconscious can be quite powerful indeed. The subconscious part of the mind has many useful functions, but we will consider only a few.


The subconscious has the power of intuition. If we learn to listen to our intuition and pay attention to it, we can often avoid dangerous situations, detect danger, or quickly solve problems. Intuition is the brain’s ability to process a lot of signals that don’t quite reach the conscious mind and to provide a conclusion. People often talk about how their intuition warned them and, often, if they listened or not could have serious consequences for their lives. How powerful is the mind? It can analyze the situation before the signals reach conscious awareness.

Subconscious power of problem solving and creativity


Our subconscious is a gold mine for problem-solving. However, we don’t always take advantage of that. When we pay conscious and focused attention to something for some time and then focus on other things or take a walk, the subconscious keeps on working on the problem. Then, as if by magic, the solution can pop in our brains. You have probably experienced this or something similar.

Some famous inventions stem from dreams (subconscious). An example of this is the periodic table. After working hard for a long time, the creator of the periodic table had a dream where the elements aligned in the right way. It was the power of a subconscious that helped him get to the answer. Here are a few famous examples of inventions stemming from dreams:

  • Albert Einstein: The Speed of Light
  • Niels Bohr: The Structure of The Atom
  • Paul McCartney: The melody for the song yesterday
  • Mary Shelley: Author of Frankenstein
  • The list goes on!

A key element of engaging the subconscious is working hard on the problem and then focusing on other things. Taking a walk, going into the shower, relaxing – all these activities seem to really help my subconscious mind resolve the issues in front of it. How powerful is your mind? It can help you solve problems while working on the background of your consciousness.


A lot of our creative brainpower comes from our subconscious. We may not always be aware of why we are doing something or how we are doing something, but we can create amazing things when we engage this aspect of ourselves.

Our creativity really comes into play when we are fully focused on the activity in front us and enter a state called flow. In flow, we don’t feel time passing normally, we are fully entranced in what we are doing. This allows our creativity and mind to truly flow (hence the name) and produce the best work we’re capable of. How powerful is your mind? It allows you to be creative and create amazing things. This creativity operates outside the limits of logic. It goes beyond traditional problem solving. Imagination knows no limits.

How powerful is the mind, mind programming, the subconscious. using your subconscious mind, subconscious mind quotes, my subconscious, what is your subconscious

Where is my mind?

This has been a subject of debate for a long time. From a materialistic reductionist point of view the “mind” is viewed as stemming from the brain. Much of traditional science views the mind this way.

However, there are newer areas of science such as quantum physics, where some take the position that the mind is not local. What do I mean by the mind is not local That is, it is not contained within the limits of out physical brain. The brain is something that the mind or consciousness works through. It is a narrow focus point for something much larger. Therefore, it is not limited to the physical confines of the body.

Just like you would not be able to find people contained in a TV or radio but rather something is working through it. Spirituality has also often taken a similar view that the mind is not limited to the body. If the mind is indeed not limited to the brain imagine then how powerful is the mind?

In conclusion, our mind is amazingly powerful. It can make us happy, healthy, creative, smart, intuitive, perceptive, and attentive. Alternatively, if we do not use our brainpower or misuse it, it can make us unhappy, sick, blind to danger, and lacking in perception. Understanding and training the mind, both consciously and subconsciously, will allow us to tap into our potential, grow, and see the amazing results in our daily life and behaviors.

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How powerful is the mind, mind programming, the subconscious. using your subconscious mind, subconscious mind quotes, my subconscious, what is your subconscious

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