Why Your Imagination is In Shackles

What you’re not being told about your imagination that keeps it (and your life) in shackles

You have not been taught the true power of your imagination to affect change in your life ……and not told about your true ability to create the life you desire. This is because in our society there is an overemphasis on the use of logic. Logic is wonderful but it is the overemphasis on logic to the exclusion of the imagination that keeps you stuck. In fact, you will use logic to implement into your life many wonderful ideas from your imagination.

But imagination has been ignored far too long.

Just ask yourself:

How often do you hear of the importance of imaginative acting, writing, and energy projection exercises to apply to your life?

Do you know your creative purpose?

ARe you living in alignment living your creative purpose?

Do you play life safe with an overemphasis on logic?


Are you ‘frozen’ in old ideas of your life?

Proactive imagination and creative purpose shatter frozen ideas.

Over time our mental picture of what is possible and what is not becomes hardened. We lose our mental flexibility about what “is” and what “is” not. This is limits us in ways we are not even aware.

However, things are much more fluid and flexible then they may seem.  This includes what is possible for your life. That’s good because that means there is another choice and another way to live.

With more imagination incorporated into your life once frozen ideas begin to melt. You experience a greater reality. No longer do you feel things are limited, concrete and closed off but rather alive, expansive and fluid. You come to the realization that you can paint your life with the brush of ideas.


Signs your life and imagination are in shackles…

It means:

  • Thinking you have no other choice but to stay stuck in limiting circumstances
  • Possibly never living your creative purpose
  • Mistakenly believing you can only travel in five gears and trying your best to master them when you really have an infinite number
  • Traveling an open road of infinite possibility.
  • Disempowering yourself by seeming to be at the mercy of external circumstances.
  • Not being the creative force in your life

All of these things keep you stuck and it’s not a good feeling. But you are not meant to be stuck.


You are not meant to live a life in shackles

You are by nature a creative being that can create without end. You are not powerless and at the whim of external conditions. Imagination reconnects you to your natural power.

However, our society constantly hammers us into being more limited than we are. Being “realistic” is a big one. In fact it is a right of passage when one has now ‘matured’ and is ‘adult’ for facing the ‘facts’. Compromise is another supposed sign of maturity. Am I saying never compromise or face facts- no-of course not- but I am saying that there is an overemphasis on these things to the detriment of your vitality, energy and growth.

Society practically hands out awards to people who can endure years of drab circumstances “oh yes you have to give him credit, he despised his job, his marriage and the way he was living his life but stuck it out for forty years-what a trooper.”

This kind of teaching is so pervasive I’m sure you know these sayings well:

  • That’s just how it is
  • Suck it up
  • Deal With it
  • Be Real
  • Stop Dreaming
  • You Can’t Do it
  • It’s Impossible
  • Will Never Happen
  • It is what it is
  • Will Never Change
  • The Future Looks Grim
  • Forget It

We’ve all been there. But you know when you want to move ahead to somewhere else this formula simply cannot get you there. The passion, the excitement that gets your engine going and gives you staying power is your imagination.

You are bored. You crave excitement and variety. Creative outlets. Deeper purpose. Imagination is waiting to deliver.  It is infinite and spontaneous. Freedom experienced. It is not something that can be reduced down to a formula.

It can be like peeling layers of an endless onion-you start out with one thing in mind and uncover even deeper more powerful layers. If you have been choking on stale air imagination will resuscitate your life.


There’s a way to release the shackles

By placing your imagination front and center. You do this by incorporating it into your life through daily imagination exercises.


What does it feel like to free yourself from the shackles?

Things that were once perceived as problems disappear. New ideas pop up left and right. Energy to create like never develops. As you apply ideas from your imagination to your life your ability to create results sharpens. Spontaneous revelations occur.  Seemingly ‘impossible coincidences’” are common. And much more.


Break the shackles and run free

We all have internalized to various degrees an overemphasis on logic. This keeps us trapped within familiar limits. There is a way out but it is not using more of the same. The way out is through the conscious pro-active use of your infinite imagination. You can incorporate more imagination into your life for powerful transformation through imagination exercises. You hold the key within to unleash the infinite and never be shackled to false limits again.

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