Is a prejudice against imagination holding you back?

What is a prejudice against imagination?

An imagination prejudice can manifest in some of the following ways:

  • Believing imagination is not a powerful capacity for positive transformation.
  • A lack of tolerance for uncertainty. For example, this can manifest as an overemphasis on trying to control, predict, quantify and reduce things down to understand what something ‘really is’
  • An outright dislike for imagination and creativity
  • Guilt and resentment (not always conscious) because one knows they have an imagination but are not using it.
  • An overemphasis on how things must get done without focusing much of why (or the purpose) of doing things.

How do you break free?

The way out is to embrace a life of imagination and creativity. Create that which stems from your creative purpose (what you truly want to be doing or feel like you were born to do) into reality.

Strengthen your imagination through regular imagination exercises. It is the way out of stuck limited mental spaces.

I don’t have a prejudice against imagination

You may be thinking hey, I don’t have a prejudice against imagination. The thing is we all do because it has been hammered into our heads by society since we exited childhood. Some of this programming may be obvious (conscious) and some may be unconscious.

The more you become aware of it the more you can do something about it. Otherwise you’ll life may feel like being trapped on a treadmill.

Get off the unconscious treadmill

A prejudice against imagination can keep you stuck on the treadmill of a stationary life.

The first step is to become aware that it exists.

  • Realize the prejudice conclusions you may hold about imagination are erroneous.
  • Accept the fact that you possess the powerful, life transforming capacity of imagination.
  • Know the way out is to incorporate more imagination and creativity into your life.
  • Intellectualizing is not enough. You must take action so that you experience both the power of your imagination and the power to create.

One of the strongest and more immediate ways to do this is with imagination exercises. Something I call ImagiSize, a series of original and unique exercises that will strengthen the power of your creativity and imagination — not found anywhere else.

If you want to journey to new vistas kick that imagination prejudice to the curb. Watch it fade in the rear-view mirror of life as you speed ahead to new, more expansive places.

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