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Life Coach Manhattan: What to Look For

Hey Manhattan, Over Here, Yeah It’s You I’m Talking to!


What to Look Out for When Looking for a Life Coach Manhattan

Are you looking for a life coach Manhattan?

Maybe you feel stuck in your workplace. Or you want to boost your career. Perhaps you want to get on with your professional and personal projects. Do you feel you lack motivation. In a relationship you have outgrown?

Any of the above problems and others can make you consider looking for a personal life coach. While it can be a good idea to use the Internet to find a coach, it’s not quite so simple as that.

Many people state they work as a life coach Manhattan or international life coach or personal life coach etc. This profession has gained a lot of popularity and has attracted people from different backgrounds.  It is important that you find a coach that is a correct fit for you. This means they should have both the skills and a personality/approach the vibes with you.

What to Look For

The first step is to look for someone who works with what you are interested in. For instance, if you want professional coaching, you might want someone focused on career development. You might even want to look for someone who is familiar with your field. Professional coaching for a lawyer will look very different than for a high level entrepreneur.

When looking for a life coach Manhattan, the second step is to make sure that your coach has experience. Ask them about it. What did they study? What experience do they have? How long have they worked as a coach? What have they accomplished? While this may feel a bit awkward, a life coach requires an investment. You have the right to know whether the coach is right for you.

Things to consider

Look at whether there are reviews or opinions about the coach. Their websites will usually have testimonials and opinions, but they will usually be full of glowing praise. Are there any negative reviews or scandals online about them?

Also to consider when finding a life coach Manhattan take a look at the approach the coach has. Some people tend to be more confrontational, others more gentle and others a combo of both or somewhere in between. Look at something that works for you and that you seem to like.

Another useful tip is to check out the free materials many coaches will offer. Book excerpts, articles, videos, and other things can help you get a feel for how the coach works and whether you agree with their ideas.

Focus on coaches who are in your area if you are looking for an in person experience or just feel more comfortable with a local. If you live in Manhattan or the NYC area, a life coach Manhattan may be your best choice. Some coaches will work with you online too, if that’s more convenient.

There are several red flags that a life coach, regardless of whether they announce themselves as the top coach in Manhattan. Let’s take a look at some of these.

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Potential Red Flags

Some coaches offer to fix everything wrong. They work with relationships, careers, addictions, and so on. There are solutions….. but there are no miracle easily gained solutions. Hard work is always necessary for massive change to occur.

Anyone offering a miracle solution is probably lying about their skills or is way too overconfident. Any coaches that promise to fix everything wrong with your life (even mental and physical illness) are probably not very honest.

The same goes for overly enthusiastic and overconfident marketing: “I am the best life coach Manhattan, as well as in New York, and the world!” While a coach is likely to put their best foot forward, excessive enthusiasm and exaggerated achievements can point to an unprofessional coach. There are so many factors involved its impossible for one to say I am the best life coach Manhattan. Rather, the question should be is the person the best life coach for me?

Related to the above, some coaches might announce themselves as the only ones who can help you. This can appear in their promotional materials or when you encounter them face-to-face. This is also a big red flag that might suggest the coach is manipulating you to stay with them. Alternatively, it can point, again, to an excess of confidence.

More Potential Red Flags

Another red flag is the promise of a one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone is different, so when looking for a life coach Manhattan they should be able to adapt to you and help you deal with your issues. A coach promoting a single idea, value, or technique as universal may be too inflexible for your needs. Many coaches promote a single lifestyle for everyone, usually associated with their own, which might not always work for you. This is not one size fits all business. The program needs to be adapted to your personal needs and desires.

Life coaches are not regulated by any authority and do not require any specific training. However, those coaches who are professional will have some  studies and training to back up their work. This can take the form of college/graduate courses and/or certification.

Finding a Life Coach Manhattan Conclusion

Finding a good life coach Manhattan can take a while, but it can be well worth the investment. An effective life coach will help you overcome challenges and improve yourself. However, it’s important to keep in mind that someone stating they are the “best life coach in Manhattan” might not be entirely honest. Take your time to find out the right life coach for you!

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life coach manhattan, life coach, life coach new york, manhattan life coach, new york life coach, personal life coach, joe ranieri

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