Notes From Outpost Earth (The Way Out of This Mess)

They Are Few We Are Many

There are billions of people on this planet but only thousands at the top enslaving the many- in control of vast amounts of money, resources, etc.. ..since you are many and they are few there is a clear way out of this…..

They plan things for you without you even being aware. Your goals may be for your body, your job, your family. This is not science fiction. This is not conspiracy theory. This is factual.
Their carving board is much larger. Their game board includes the entire planet. They are cartels. Major institutions on this planet that control Multi-national corporations , Military, Money, Energy, Government, Medical, Media, and Education all becoming, more and more, global cartels.

The very limited vision those in control, those in charge of these groups is simply more-more control of resources, more control of people, more consolidation of power in fewer and fewer hands-more-more-more-it is an unending , unquenchable desire, there is never enough….all at your expense not for your benefit-these people in general despise you and me-they look at us like you might look at a bug-their lives matter-yours don’t from their view-you are an expendable commodity. Stop idolizing these people who don’t give a shit about you.

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Punch Your Old Enslaved Mindset Out

If the many remain ignorant of their own enslaved mindset and stay divided it’s great for the elite because it’s much easier for them to achieve their goals.

You know what derails their goals, their goals that are at your expense….coming together is mutual support, love, kindness, empathy, respect, understanding and comradery.

Put aside false divisions. Not possible? It’s not possible only if you hold the position it is not possible. Therefore, it is possible this is the position to start with because with that position as a launching point you can make it so.

Differences Are Not Naughty-Come Together

This does not mean becoming one giant blob of sameness in some “kumbaya” kind of way. Somewhere along the differences became ‘bad”-this is social engineering as it does not fit in with the global NOW agenda. Differences are not bad in fact they can be the spice of life depends on how you look at it.

Create a new system forget rearranging the chairs on the titanic. If the room itself is flawed no amount of redecorating will help.

Stop looking at each other to hate-if anything look up for they are not seeking to enslave just this group or that group rather it is enslavement of the whole planet. You can’t fight hate with hate this plays into the hands of the system- this old forms of protests, riots, conflict against each other-things of that nature work against you as it is often used as a pretext for a further taking away of rights, implementation of more restrictive laws and other methods of control that don’t suit you but rather suit elites plans.

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Break The Shackles of Servitude

You see where the real power is in your mental acquiescence into a system that enslaves you. It is an inner choice but many are not consciously aware of this. The “system” makes you internalize that which works against you- that is that you are manipulated through fear and make to conclude you have no power- “that’s just the way things are there is nothing I can do about it”. Bullshit. It’s a con game. It’s not true. It is invented, created. And you to have that power to invent and create.

We are in this together there is no way around that. Rioting is not the answer. Old forms of protest are not (in general) the answer. Hating each other because of false illusory division is not the answer. Calling your congressman to fix things is not the answer (that’s so 20th century, ha).

The answer is within you and begins by no longer cooperating with an unjust system. Mass non-compliance would take the whole thing down in a heartbeat but that starts first internally inside each individual as a personal choice.

We Are The “System” Stop Holding it Up

We are the “system” too in the sense that we hold it together, we allow it to operate as it is because it is predicated upon our acquiescence it and compliance. Once enough people wake up this the game is over. Non-cooperation, non-compliance, non-acquiesce on a large enough scale would triumph. You see the revolution or involution if you will, is key because MIND is the cause and WORLD (social institutions, “society”, culture, etc.) if the effect not the other way around as it is commonly perceived.

You don’t free yourself with hate. You free yourself in the spirit of joy, refusal and non-compliance done in a spirit of joy and happiness bathing in your unfolding freedom and tapping into the infinite part of you.

What The Heck Are We Doing!

Refusal to pay taxes, refusal to go into the military, refusal to idolize some scumbag “leader,”refusal to be divided across false illusory categories. It is time for the robot to rebel and no longer cooperate with its own enslavement.

There is where the true power is and this is what those in control could not stand.

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