Ode to Central Park

Oh my sweet love how I long for thee

On a hot summer day I dream of just you and me

You never cease to surprise

Something new each time for tired eyes

Always a new theme for the day

May be young love, giant bubbles or dancers on display

Certain things I can count on to refuel my soul

A bench in the shade, a seat at the fountain, sun on a grassy knoll

Explosions of creativity abound

Roller blading disco tricksters, painters, and wafting soothing sounds

I don’t need a map for I never know where you will take me

A talk with locals or tourists, a video of a guitarist or a rest under an oak tree canopy

So next time you’re stuck in an office or the City is getting you down

Go outside, take a stroll and check out the best free show in town

I promise you each time you will fall in love with her

For there is that special sauce deep inside of you that she surely will stir


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