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Humor is powerful. The great news is last time I checked it was still free.

It is a way of healing. It is a way of stepping out of a limited framework and seeing things through a new angle. From 1,000 feet above the original framework. Or a bit sideways perhaps.

It is a way of teaching.  It is (among other things) a great spiritual practice.

Want to get a point across. Try intellectualizing to someone.  Their defenses go up. They dig in on their position. They may resent you for trying to change their point of view, etc…….

Try to make the same point with a humorous story and they will get the point right away. And a deep laugh from the belly will be shared.

Humor is a tool that contrasts the superficial image of things with a deeper version of what is happening.

This comparison reveals deeper knowing in a light hearted manner.

Humor on Spiritual Path

Let’s face it. Things get pretty tough at times. Especially if you are viewing things through a limited lens.  The capacity to laugh at ourselves, the world, and others….the capacity to laugh at the sometimes crazy nature of life is liquid gold. Take a shot.

You need a healthy dose of humility to laugh at yourself.

Egomaniacs certainly do no liked to be laughed at. There is something to be said for not taking things too seriously. It has its place. A big place.

When was the last time you saw a dictator cracking up? Making jokes? I’d hate to be the comedian at a roast where say Hitler, Stalin, or Saddam Hussein were the guests of honor.

I’d say these guys have gotten just a bit carried away with the seriousness thing don’t you think? And dangerous. Too serious and dangerous seem to be close cousins. No wait. More like identical twins. Identical twins that are not easy to look at. And fight. All the time. With each other and everyone else.

Humor can be a strong expression of love.

People have a choice. They can use lower level, lower energy states such as hatred, anger, revenge, (or force you to watch reality TV when you would rather be waterboarded ) etc. to deal with life’s hardships. Or they can step back and whip out something from the humor fun-house and share it with others.

Everything is not literal. In a literal oriented world there are so many contradictions it is laughable. Humor can cut through the false limits and illusions of everyday life. It is a way of re-contextualizing “reality.”

Thus, it can clearly point out that there is a larger “reality” just behind the stage show curtain.

It is a simple and fun way of releasing illusions and perceiving the absurdities of the human condition.

Never underestimate the power of a good laugh to knock out several cries.

So, when things feel like they are closing in on you… remember to break out the funny stuff and wear the world like a loose pair of boxers (or whatever that saying is….)

Humor on Spiritual Path



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