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How does Life Coaching with Joe Ranieri work?

You reach out to me via email, a phone call or text and we start a dialogue from there. My coaching is not a one size fits all service but if we both decide we are a good fit there are several options for hiring me as your life coach.

To get from where you are to where you want to go you do not need more of the same that keeps you stuck in the first place. You need something new, something from outside the framework you are currently working with. While there are many components involved in my coaching at the core is the use of your imagination in new powerfully explosive ways. This is combined with you taking something I call creative action. If you are tired of the same old played out methods repackaged with Vegas lights on them you are likely to enjoy this approach very much. Since everyone is a unique individual the specifics will be tailored for each person.

On a practical level my work as a Life Coach helps those who are (or are going through):

  • Transitioning from employee to entrepreneur
  • Struggling to break free to the next level to achieve their goals
  • Working in a career (or living a life not aligned) with their deeper desires
  • In recovery from depression, anxiety, addiction etc. who are interested in thriving and not just surviving and looking for a bit of the mystical, magical, creative and imaginative as part of their growth process.
  • Who want to make big changes in their lives but feel mentally trapped, stuck or frozen.
  • That desire to incorporate more creativity, imagination and spirituality into their process of growth.
  • In a mid-life crisis, loss of direction, bored with routine etc.
  • Over-stressed, over-worried, in need of stress and anger reduction.
  • Recovering alcoholics/addicts
  • Depression recovery
  • Professionals dissatisfied with their career: Doctors, attorneys. Financial sector, nurses, therapists, counselors, teachers….
  • Separation/Divorce/Break-up Recovery
  • Those feeling lonely or like they don’t “fit in”
  • Those needing a kick to get started on something they want

And more.

My life coach areas of specialty are Recovery Coaching, Transformational Coaching, Creativity Coaching, Spiritual Coaching & General Personal Development Coaching (see below for more details on each)

Life Coach Manhattan


What kind of life coach packages do you offer?

At this time, I am offering one-on-one private consultations in person, over the phone or via skype. In person session takes place in Manhattan, NYC.

I offer a 3-month package, a 6 month package, a 1 year package and a monthly retainer package with a minimum of 3 months. I also offer customized packages on occasion when appropriate. We will consult 2 to 4 times a month for a minimum of 60 minutes each session. You will have access to me in between sessions when needed.

All discussions are kept 100% confidential and I will respect your privacy.


Will a life coach work for me?

My coaching is likely to be a good fit for you and work well if you value the following:

  • Open-minded intelligence. You know that you are different from everyone else, and have your own unique life history and goals. You value an open-minded, intelligent approach that recognizes your individuality, and helps you explore and reach your goals with intelligence and insight.
  • Mature, responsible accountability. You recognize that no one can change for you – positive growth is in your hands. To think otherwise would be looking for a push-button solution that does not exist. You value an approach that works with you, helping you reach insights, and guiding you with action items that will work – if you put in the effort.
  • Creative, courageous, out-of-the-box thinking. You are not ordinary. You refuse to accept an ordinary life. You value a partner in the process of discovering and reaching your true creative purpose – one who is right there with you in daring to be different.
  • Hard work that brings results. You realize that push-button solutions are cheap gimmicks. You value an approach that pushes you, expects you to explore deeply, and demands that you work hard, right along with us. You know that the results you achieve toward reaching and living your life of creative purpose will be well worth it.

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Transformational Coaching

Are you someone who doesn’t want to settle for just a few small minor changes? Are you ready to take leap to make major changes in your life? Perhaps you are stuck in a career you hate and you want to make the leap to be an entrepreneur? Or maybe you have outgrown some other major life situation that you feel anchored to but can no longer tolerate?

I offer services that help people make the transformations they desire. I focus on the source of all action, on your states of being. These states expand what you believe is possible, increase your energy to create results and improve the quality of your actions.

By shifting your inner being so that you can make the major changes in your external world that you desire. Your sense of self expands thus transforming limited perspectives that hold you back. Self-created limits dissolve freeing your creative power to create the life you deeply desire.


Recovery Coaching

Are you someone in recovery from addiction, depression or some other major life issue and you want to thrive not just survive?

Do you find yourself searching beyond your traditional treatment for methods that include a bit of the mystical, magical, spiritual and creative?

I know what it is like to struggle with depression and overcome it.  I also know while it is crucial and has its place if you want to take things to the next level a tremendous amount of learning needs to take place outside of traditional therapy. You need something powerfully transformative and supportive in addition to it to reach new heights.

My life coaching is an excellent addition to traditional treatment to take you to the next level. I offer support and compassion but also tough love when needed. Some of the things we may focus on for creating change are identifying goals, healing limiting and self-defeating concepts, relationship enhancement and breaking self-defeating and/or unhealthy patterns that hold you back from achieving your greatness.


Creativity Coaching

Are you a coach, teacher, educator, instructor or positive change agent looking to increase your effectiveness in facilitating change in your clients……..


Maybe you are an actor/actress, musician, writer or other artistic soul looking to explode your level of creativity and expand your consciousness (and work) in powerful ways?

You want to contribute. You want to do the work that matters to you and be effective at it. And you want worldly success and abundance doing the work you love.

My unique focus on using your imagination and creativity in our own life can:

·       Work wonders to expand your perspectives

·       Increase your creative energy

·       Empower you to experience creative breakthroughs

·       Improve manifestation of results

·       Increase your level of creative freedom

Coaches can explode their positive impact by incorporating the creative methods with their own clients.

If you are ready to create your life like a work of art creativity coaching may be a great fit for you.


Spiritual coaching

Do you crave a deeper connection to the transcendent, divine, the mystical and magical? Craving a life aligned with deeper purpose and meaning? Are you ready to live the life you know you are meant to be living?

I can help you strengthen your connection with the non-physical portion of you that knows no bounds. I help you shift your focus so that you identify with the larger, transcendent part of yourself. This helps put you back in the driver’s seat of your life. And since your spiritual connection affects every area of your life  the results in your life will change as well.

You can shift gears from being a victim to taking responsibility for your life.


General Personal Development Coaching

Maybe you have a combination of issues that do not fit neatly into one category? But you know you want to take your life to the next level and live life in your own terms. You want to manifest results that are meaningful to you. Personal Development coaching can help you get to where you want to be.