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How To Stop Losing Potential Clients by Dropping Force

Are you failing to get clients because you are using business force?

Whatever entrepreneurial field you are in you need to master the tools of the trade. You will wear many hats as an entrepreneur. Excellent skills in your niche is key. You also need to know about advertising, marketing, social media, website production, etc…..But I’m not here to talk about any of that today. You can get plenty of that elsewhere.

I’m here to focus on your mindset.

That unseen place from which your business manifests. The unmanifest from which all springs.

You’re internal environment. Your inner intention. Attitudes. Convictions. Motives. Principles. Purpose. Meaning. Values.

Odds are if you’re reading this blog you are a kind-hearted, ethical individual with integrity. You have deep roots connected to the wellspring of doing what is right.

What is business force?

By force I mean coming from a place of lower energies. Coming from a place of manipulation, lying, cheating, stealing, and the like. Coming from an empty place and trying to fill it up.

From this empty place giving is loss. One is self-interested only. What is in it for me at the expense of others? Success looks like something you get from the outside. Force views success as something that you do. Not as something you are.

Your focus is on getting and when one focuses on getting, they assume they are empty. So, operating under this erroneous impression they must get from outside themselves.

This is how we become selfish-me-me-me…..

In this mode, we need to be “filled up” from the outside. There is never enough and it’s a cycle that one needs to repeat. Never becoming happy and fulfilled.

Force has opposition. It has resistance and it requires struggle. Fighting. Win/lose. Me or you. Dog eat dog. An adversary.

In contrast, power works best for everyone.

What is Power?

The internal position you experience is that you are full. Instead of the focus being on “getting” the focus shifts to giving. You have special talents to share with others. You want to share this overflow and let it spill out into the world. Enriching lives with beauty, joy, grace, goodwill and kindness is your focus. You move from what you can get to how you can serve.

Your focus should be on the quality of your customer’s experiences.

Not on selling them or bilking them out of their money. Closing the deal at all costs is not your focus.  Getting one over on them is repulsive to you. Beating them, manipulating them, screwing them or cheating them is outside of your world.

Power acknowledges that giving is receiving. Giving is gaining. Power understand that outer success is a consequence of who you are.

Conduct, decisions, attitudes and choices that manifest in the world stem from within.

  • Cause=Mind
  • Effect=World.

Alignment with truth and genuineness is power. Power attracts. A powerful reputation can single attract clients more than anything else. A real reputation stemming from who you are.

Not some fake BS conjured up by a marketing company. No one knows you better than you.

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How about an example?

Okay. You throw yourself into your work. Not out of a sense of begrudging obligation. But rather out of a sense of love for creating.


  • Are eager to learn and grow in your area of expertise and you understand that there is no end or final arrival place as far as your skill level.
  • Love to share and execute what you learned.
  • Want to share it to with others because you want to contribute to their lives.
  •  Focus on contributing and serving others. To give them a wonderful experience.

Your focus is not on impressing them to show off how great you are. That would be bringing the focus back to you. Rather, your focus is on getting them impressive results and helping them solve a problem. Bringing them more happiness.

You don’t compromise on your values. Supporting that which benefits and uplifts the lives of everyone is important. You support that which inspires and uplifts. You support that which validates and honors life and existence.

The power you have is not something you keep for yourself. It extends from you and you give it away. You realize that this is form of giving is getting.

How can I align with my own Power to get more clients?

You can ask yourself some questions. And you can vow to be 100% honest with your answers.

Here are some questions you can ask to come from place of power in your business:

  • Does everyone win from the transaction I am offering?
  • Is my purpose in the transaction to make the client’s life better? To uplift them? To help them solve a problem? Improve the quality of their lives?
  • Do I enjoy what I’m doing?
  • How am I contributing to the good welfare and happiness of the client?
  • In what ways am I recognizing, acknowledging and supporting the success of my clients?
  • Am I sharing my good feelings about myself with others?
  • In what ways am I making my main focus on the quality of the customer’s experience?
  • Am I incorporating feeling, kindness, gentleness, thoughtfulness, courteousness and strong patient guidance?

Explode your impact by tapping into your business Power now

Many people in our culture incorporate force into many facets of their business. You as an ethical, spiritual person have integrity. You want another approach to business that works. The energetic level of force is much lower and weaker than true power.

When you align with your own power it will help your business grow as a natural consequence of who you are. Keep the focus off yourself.

Place your focus on the customer. Focus on how you can be of service to them. Help them solve a problem. Bring more happiness to their life. Contribute to their experience in a meaningful way.

Pave a powerful road with your internal principles and focus. Travel the road of power and pick up many more clients on your journey.  It sure beats forcing your way through your life and business!

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