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Success Coach: How to Find a Great One

Success Coach: How to Find a Great One

You want to achieve success on your own terms. Wouldn’t it be great to  to find someone to hold you accountable, to guide you and to be in your corner when you need it? Someone with expertise in the area of human development, psychology and spirituality? There is such a someone…a life coach!

Life coach is a profession many people are drawn to. It involves helping people, guiding others, giving advice, and being your own boss. What’s not to like?

Coaching has been growing in the past decade. And coaching has also gained more acceptance and the demand for these services has grown.

The first thing to consider is: why do you want to a success coach? Do you want to feel better about yourself? Are you looking for help with a major change such as career or relationship?  Do you want to kick your spirituality up a notch? Perhaps you see yourself become an entrepreneur in the future? The answer is specific to you and may be a combination of things some found on a list and others not.

A success coach can work closely with you to first make sure you are clear on just exactly what it is you want to achieve. And secondly to create a plan and enact it to accomplish success on your terms.

What are some characteristics of a great success coach?

What does it take to be a great success coach? Quite a few things. First of all, there is personality. A great success coach needs to be a person who has empathy and interest in other people. They need to be able to really listen so that you are heard on a deep level. A great success coach needs to have integrity and a certain degree of success in their own personal life.

Being enthusiastic and energetic is a great asset for a success coach to posses.  Also, having both confidence and a desire to constantly grow and improve should be present. If you take a look at successful coaches, you might identify these qualities and others. Some of these qualities are easier to develop than others. For instance, if one is very introverted, they might struggle as a coach.

Some form of professional training is needed as well. There are coach training programs, college courses, self-study and being involved in similar professions prior to coaching.

While coaching is not regulated officially, there are some organizations out there that  provide certifications and training. For example, there is an International Coaching Federation that provides respected certifications. Certification, while not necessary to become a coach can be helpful for many of those without any formal education/training related to coaching or counseling.

Personal expertise

Something many coaches bring to the table is their personal experience and expertise. If you are looking for a success coach that fits you they should have expertise with your particular desires and situation. For example, if you want to be an entrepreneur, your success coach needs to understand how business works. Expertise comes from first-hand experience.  In the case of coaching, other professional experience can come in handy.

There are many niches that a success coach can work in. For example, big or small business success.  Or maybe success in helping people change to new circumstances such as on mid-life crises, divorces, writers trying to start a career, or many other things.  Personally, coaches can also bring a lot to the table. Some people use their own stories to help others become inspired and reach out for more. Even if a coach has a difficult history, showing how they have overcome it can help you as a client.

success coach, development coach, life coach, joe ranieri

Does a success coach offer a complimentary consultation?

Absolutely yes. Some of the coaches that you will find in your search will offer you a free (or complimentary) first consultation. This is an important tip for all those first timers looking to find a life coach/success coach that is a good fit. One doesn’t know for sure until they have an actual experience.

Many life coaches are hired by the hour or offer package prices. Once you hire them, it may become difficult for you if you end up being incompatible. Most importantly, most of the life coaches you will find online is a professional and reputable.

However, while they are great at what they do, they are only proficient in the niche they practice. This means a business coach may not be a suitable match for you if you are looking for a relationship adviser. Schedule a call with them or simply contact them via email. They are sure to respond to your queries.

Although the first session is often free it’s a good idea to decide your budget for coaching before you get started. It is imperative that you think about this while searching for how to find a life coach.

Not many people know how much it may cost for them to hire the services of a life coach. There is a huge range of prices when it comes to life coach services. Look into your financials and decide how much are you willing to invest in the services of a life coach. Remember, this could be a life altering decision so choose wisely.

That said, you can make this decision by seeking consultation of the life coach themselves. Many offer different packages and deals that involve different types of consultations. Choose which one would be most suitable for your needs.

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success coach, development coach, life coach, joe ranieri

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