Life Coach Manhattan – Testimonials

Ena Mcferson

“When I first signed up due to the type of work involved I really didn’t think it could be that powerful unless it was in person. I was also a bit skeptical after being disappointed by other online offers I have signed up for in the past. I really was hoping it wasn’t a con or some mediocre services just well sugarcoated.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Joe was genuinely interested in me as a person and my progress. He provided strong support and was available for me

The work we did together was very powerful because there was structure but also flexibility which allowed me to add to the exercises where needed. Joe adapted things so that it was very personal to me and my situation.

There were a few times when things in my life came up and Joe worked with me and made it very easy to reschedule and keep the progress going. The information he gave me was structured in a way that it was made applicable to my life.

I have found that since beginning the sessions I have much more physical and mental vigor-the exercises are very energizing. I would describe it as feeling very “charged up” in a good way. I also found that the exercises put a smile on my face and lifted my mood. I experienced a lot more synchronicities and seeming impossible “coincidences” since starting this work.

I’ve been able to follow through more on actions and get things done. I’ve created a new Facebook business page and enrolled in a new online business course and continue building momentum to building my future the way I truly want. My confidence in my ability to create results in my future has grown.

Joe’s process is also quite unique and I enjoyed that it combines both imagination and physical movements bridging both the non-physical and the physical. I would recommend to work with Joe because I feel that he cares about your personal growth and you will experience actual results, as it’s specifically shaped for each person.

If you listen to Joe and do the actual work involved you will experience a positive change in perspective, more hope, satisfaction, fulfillment as well as practical tangible results.”

Ena Mcferson – Yoga Instructor, Explorer of Spirit, Energy Worker, Aspiring to Create Multiple Heart Based Businesses


Edith Cazaubon

“Initially I was concerned that I would not have enough time to fit this into my schedule. Usually during the week I am very busy. I was kind of skeptical going in wondering if it was too good to be true.

Joe was flexible and worked with me so that there was no problem fitting the lessons into my schedule. What I found was as I got further into the sessions with Joe I became more confident, my self-esteem increased, I obtained a wealth of knowledge and accomplished things I never could have imagined I could have done. I started seeing things from a different angle because my self- knowledge and connection to how I was getting in my own increased.

The exercises were geared specifically towards me, deeply personal and practical. I gained a new found clarity about how I was limiting myself. I also became a better listener. Joe made the information easily understandable. I was able to make the lessons and exercises a part of my everyday routine. I use to stop in the middle of a project for a variety of reasons that I gave myself. Now, I literally feel like I can conquer the world. I no longer stop and start projects and have built an unstoppable sense of forward momentum.

I felt very comfortable talking to Joe. He has a powerful wealth of knowledge and important information. He was excellent at explaining things in such a way that at no time did I become confused. He was extremely prompt for each session. The program itself was laid out so there was no room for confusion as Joe explained things step by step. I always looked forward to the sessions.

I’d recommend this service to others who want to feel empowered because I have experienced the positive changes in my own life.  Others who get involved will also experience these positive changes and receive information that they can apply in a positive way to their lives. My husband has seen the change in me so much so that he now wants to sign up too!”

Edith Cazaubon – Teacher, Chief Creative Officer of Positive Interaction Dance Studio (Non- profit Dance and Performing Arts School for children with learning disabilities)


Charles Clay

“I have tried a ton of programs as I am constantly learning and growing. There is so much information available now a days and I’ve learned that it is hard to get good quality information. So, when I first signed up I was concerned that perhaps this was just some more BS. One of my main questions and concerns was: Is this even going to be worth my time? I was also hoping that it would be something I could integrate into my life on a practical daily level as opposed to just receiving a temporary benefit during a lesson. I decided to give Joe a chance. I’m glad I did.

At first some of the exercises initially sounded a little silly to me. However, as I explored the

exercises and actually put some time and effort into it was powerfully experiential. It felt very good and literally expanded my mental space. For example, I went from dealing with certain anxieties and uncomfortable emotional states to a much more pleasurable state of mind. The

work I did with Joe was very empowering. It made it much easier to let go off all the small stuff

that is distracting and focus on what’s important. The exercises also increased my clarity and

my energy level. It helped to cultivate and increase my imagination and creativity.

The work with Joe is better than any cup of coffee to get you going both mentally, emotionally and physically. Quite simply I loved the way I felt. I looked forward to doing the exercises because it was fun to do them.

I really enjoyed the conversations with Joe and the lessons he taught along with the exercises. He was able to articulate things in a manner easy to absorb and the topics I found very interesting. His interpretations and explanations were very unique and refreshing. It was a pleasure to work with him.”


Empowerment Coach



Olga Sanchez

“I found that the results were very effective. The exercises allowed me to see the blocks that I had and allowed me to see that there are no limits.  I was able to align myself with my true purpose.

The experiences were very personal for me because Joe created something very specific for me and where I want to go.  Results for me were instant because my state of mind changed and I was able to attract people into my life to support me and speed up the process in making my new business a reality.

What Joe is doing can have a global effect just by allowing people to transcend their everyday limits and fulfil their true purpose in life. He is offering something that is very different and very powerful it’s been an amazing experience because it has brought life into my life and has allowed me to truly find who I am and where I am going.  It’s like being released from a mental prison.

It was a pleasure working with Joe because he has an uplifting spirit that instantly made me happy. Just give it a chance because it works.”


Creator Golden Wings Psychic Medium Advisor and Healer.