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The Importance of Individual Empowerment (*A fictional story that tells the truth*)

Warning: Notes From the Undercover Outpost Known as Earth. Part I.

Good morning fellow members of the intergalactic federation. Mr. Orb and Mrs. Oracle, you sent me to Earth to apprise you on how things are going there. My under-cover trip among the Earthlings was interesting.

Mr. Orb: “Yes Quasar, how so”

I enjoyed things such as ginger ale, sounds of surf on the beach, frozen yogurt & something called music.

I must tell you Earth is in danger. There are serious problems there. Heading towards a dead end at 10,000 mph. They are watching it all like some sick soap opera. They fail to realize the closing act will end them too.

“Ginger ale? Frozen yogurt, soap opera?”

Yeah, never mind that for now. I’ll explain later.

Earth Horizon

“What is the problem on Earth?”


Problem? Well they have many problems.

A big part of the problem on Earth is that the mass focus of attention has been off individual empowerment.

Individual experience has been down played. The power of imagination repressed. Intuition downplayed. Individual creative impulses downplayed. The power of the individual to invent their own life reduced to some fantasy.

In its place, what operates is mass forms of ideology. The ideology is exterior to individual but becomes internalized.

It is pounded into them from birth. It creates a limited view of what it is to be human. This limited version of reality we can call the matrix.


“How does this operate?”


There is a hierarchy in place. It has been in place for a long time. False pictures of reality are common. These pictures are false because the represent a limited view of what it is to be human.

The matrix makers look at the Human masses as if they are cattle, sheep, robots, computers, inferior. Humans can behave like robots or computers or cattle or sheep when they limit their own power.

The matrix makers infiltrate politics. They poison governments, covert intelligence, religion, medicine, multinational corporations, media, money. All aimed at limiting the power of the individual.

Their institutions do not seek to enlighten the people. They do not seek to empower them. They exist to enslave their minds in a limited picture. Control is the game.

The stage show presented portrays the opposite. The stage show they believe in says that these organizations are there to help them. Empower them. Enlighten them.


“How does this affect humans”

People Trapped in Box Limits of Language

Operating from a limited level many don’t even know what it best for them anymore. The matrix makers tell them what is best. And this benefits the matrix makers. Not the individual. The matrix makers worst nightmare is an empowered individual.

Rather, the matrix makers want people to serve their plan. Serve:

  • At some bullshit job they hate.
  • Fighting in some war they could care less about.
  • In promoting ideas that are not even their own.

It’s quite a perplexing thing to watch. When operating from the limited program it’s like a hijacking or possession. A program is running that has nothing to do with what one wants. In fact, what they want may be so buried they don’t even know what it is.

This view that limits and works against the individual is often defended. Defended by the very individual it works against.

This seems to be part of the program written for them. How very convenient for the controllers. People police each other’s minds to make sure thy stay within the limited picture handed to them.

There is a level of mass insanity there not seen anywhere else in the multiverse.

It’s quite mad.  One need only to look at their history to see this fleshed out.

People have dedicated themselves to the program. They worship it. Have pledged their allegiance to the mindset handed to them.

Pretend the only thing there is to see is that which dwells in their limited mindset. Nothing outside of it is possible. Etc….

The majority of the planet is under mass hypnosis. It is a planet full of people sleepwalking.

Anything proving it illusory or based on erroneous conclusion is a threat. Other assumptions that differ from the program dismissed. Not explored. Attacked. Hidden. Thrown away. Any attempt to change the limited program viewed as strange, weird, futile.

Now, there is a lot more to this but since I have limited time I cannot unpack it all.


Is there any hope?”


Yes, a tremendous amount of hope. Unlimited potential. The discrepancy between what is and what could be is tremendous. They are equipped to change. To tap into their infinite individual power. To come together from a deeper understanding. From their higher energies.

The good news is that this is only a limited version of reality that they have accepted. And not everyone has accepted it. There are more people re-awakening every day. Now back to the reality concept.

It is not a reality in an ultimate sense. Not unchangeable or immovable. It is not a rock-bottom concrete existence that nothing else is outside. It is something held up by a series of erroneous conclusions. Things are much more fluid and wide open.

They have duped themselves by internalizing the dominant views. Dis-empowering views. Hoodwinked. Bamboozled. They have been operating under the direction of a limited program. Living inside a limited picture.


“What can they do to change direction?”

Break through wall

This all changes when everyone takes their power back. Take a stand for themselves. Trusts their own experience. Takes back responsibility for their own minds. For their lives. For their vision of what the future entails.  Not someone else’s vision.

The must turn in for the answers and not out. They must realize authority is within and not external.

One of the ways people can do this is by strengthening the use of their imagination. The imagination is infinite. It is not bound by rules. It is of the realm of the non-physical. Use of the imagination helps to dissolve boundaries. It helps to dissolve assumptions.

Humans need to take back their individual power. They must realize first there is another way, there is another choice.

Once they realize there is another way they can make a new choice. They can walk away into something much greater. Fighting and getting into tussles is not one of the most powerful ways out of this. Waking up, making a new choice and walking away has much promise. To simplify it we can see it as a choice between 2 options:

  • A choice to go along with the mass program. A choice to stay within the confines of the matrix.


  • A choice for individual empowerment.

Once individuals are re-empowered a new vision for the future awaken. A vision that is theirs. They no longer:

  • Have the luxury of time.
  • Can afford to avoid their own power.
  • Should practice standing down, being passive and letting someone else figure it all out.

They have a lot to do right away.

“Close it out please”

Fine. Sorry, I really want to help.

“Quasar thanks. Now, let’s move on to the next topic and presenter.”

Wait, what about Earth? What are we going to do to help them?


Funny guy

Nothing,….umm, uhhh, we can’t do nothing. I have friends there now.


Yes, friends. We watch movies together, share a sunset, sometimes argue, cry in tough times.

“I don’t understand”

It’s like you feel about Mrs. Oracle. Without sharing tentacles though. That is for another type of relationship on Earth. A very fun one.

“Okay. But Earth is a million years behind us why even bother?”

Give me a chance. Let me put together a team. We can go undercover and act as catalysts to re-awaken people to their true individual power. You can give us….. say one Earth year.

“So be it. Report back here in one week for final approval”

One week!

“Now, on to more important things. Next presenter.

I believe we will find out if they have fixed the restaurant issue at the intergalactic crab nebula depot. Hope so. Love that place.

Their Goran stew is the best in this universe, or at least in this dimension of this universe. It’s definitely worth the light years for takeout…”

PS You may want to take a peak at my You Tube video Be The Best You – Empower Yourself and Travel a Path of Self Empowerment

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