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What is depression?

What is depression?

There are many different quotes about depression going around. Some show it as an insidious enemy, while others make light of it by focusing on aspects like “be positive” or “be optimistic.” So, what is depression?

Depression is a mental health disorder that affects someone’s mood, behavior, body, and way of thinking.

People with depression feel sad a lot of the time, often without a cause (like the recent loss of a loved one). It also involves losing feelings of pleasure and enjoyment even with things that used to be fun or interesting.

The person’s perception of the world changes. They might see themselves, their future, and the world in general as being bleak, hopeless, dark.

The person starts to feel worthless or guilty. They start having trouble sleeping or sleep in excess. The same happens with their appetite: they might not feel hungry or eat a lot. They have trouble focusing and concentrating. They often feel fatigued and tired even if they rest.

You might find different quotes about depression that say different things. This is because different people might experience it with significantly different symptoms. Some might feel sad, others might feel empty. Severity can also vary significantly.

Variants of depression: what is bipolar depression?

It’s important to note that depression can appear as a part of other disorders. A common possibility in the case of depression is bipolar depression that appears as a part of bipolar disorder.

So, what is bipolar depression?

Bipolar depression appears with the same symptoms as other forms of depression. What distinguishes it from other problems is the appearance of manic episodes.

After the person experiences depression or after a period of balanced mood, they will develop an episode that is the opposite of depression of many ways. A manic episode is characterized by feelings of euphoria, energy, a higher sense of self-esteem and self-worth, and an impaired judgment and decision making.

People in a manic episode act irresponsibly and may experience delusions of grandeur, but they also feel full of energy and euphoria. If a person has depression and a history of bipolar disorder in their family, it might be likely that they will experience a manic episode later on.

Depression can appear by itself or in bipolar disorder. Appearing by itself is more common.

What is depression: Depression and gender

Men and women create different quotes about depression because they might experience it differently. Women might recognize their sadness more easily, while men might struggle more with this emotion. Women seem to be more affected, but in terms of the signs of depression in men and women, they are pretty similar.

The signs of depression in men and in women are linked to the same clinical manifestations of depression. However, due to cultural, biological and social reasons, the symptoms of depression in men might appear more through irritability and anger than sadness. The signs of depression in men and in women might vary significantly from person to person and might also vary in relation to their severity.

Some people might have a light depression that affects them, but doesn’t make them feel suicidal. Others might experience even delusions associated with depression. It varies greatly.


What is depression: Is depression genetic?

A big question to consider is whether depression is genetic. Depression has a genetic factor, as people who have a history of depression in their family might be more likely to develop this disorder. However, depression does not appear to be a purely genetic disorder.

In addition to having a genetic element, depression has environmental causes. A person that has lived through trauma or tough circumstances might be more vulnerable to depression than someone who has had a stable life. However, anyone can develop depression. Depression may appear without a clear cause. When it comes to the mind their is still a lot to learn.

What is depression: Is depression a disease?

Another question many people have is: is depression a disease? Depression is indeed a mental illness, which is why people can not get over it just by being happier, more optimistic, or  things like drinking more water.

Depression affects the brain and the body. This leads to measurable changes in different parts of the brain. While people with light depression and people in remission can benefit from things like exercise or meditation, people with severe depression often need medication and therapy to get better.

What is depression? Depression is a more of a disease than it is a choice, although many people see it differently because it’s a mental rather than a physical illness. While some people see it as something that comes from laziness or lack of work, this is not the reality of depression.

What is depression: How to get over depression

One of the biggest questions in relation to depression is how to get over depression. What works?

The main treatments for depression involve therapy and/or medication. One can use therapy to help get over depression. This is because it changes the way a person thinks. And it helps them deal with stress and difficult circumstances as well as build new coping skills.

Medication can affect the brain to keep the person’s mood up and allow them to have more energy. Often both are combined. Just knowing someone else is there to help (therapist, etc.) you can also aid the healing process.

While things like exercise and such are often recommended as ways to get over depression, they are mostly complementary rather than the main treatments. People who have severe depression, for instance, won’t be able to overcome suicidal feelings simply by meditating or trying to be happier.

Many quotes about depression put things like nature or art as solutions. While they can help, they can not fix their depression by themselves, so telling people about the power of positive thinking and such can make them feel guilty and frustrated for not being able to overcome depression just through meditation.

However, when talking about how to get over depression, the central aspects of treatment are therapy and medication that are far more inspiring than many quotes about depression would have you believe.

What is depression: Conclusion

Depression is a complex problem, but when we look at quotes about depression, we often find it misrepresented. It is said that you can use your willpower alone to overcome it. However, depression affects the brain and can severely impair daily functioning.

Depression affects both men and women in similar ways, although it varies significantly from person to person. Some people might experience only a few symptoms, while others might feel suicidal or even develop psychotic symptoms due to depression. A light depression should not be ignored either because it can evolve to become a severe depression.

Quotes about depression might emphasize different things because different people experience it differently. Despite some common signs and symptoms, many people will experience depression in their own way. This also applies to treatment. Different people might benefit from different types of treatment and complementary strategies. There is no one-size-fits-all solution.

What is depression? Overall, depression is a complex and highly personal issue that affects many people. Everything may be going smoothly in your life and, despite that, you might feel depressed. While depression can be influenced by genetic and environmental factors, it can also appear without a family history or difficult circumstances. Depression often requires professional treatment.

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