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What is Lucid Dreaming (And How to do it)

What is Lucid Dreaming?

The concept of lucid dreaming has become quite popular recently. Many people are trying to incorporate this practice into their lives with mixed results. Lucid dreaming, like dreaming overall, is not very well understood.

So, what is lucid dreaming? How is it defined? Can it even fit into a definition?

Lucid dreaming is a type of sleep that occurs when people know that they are dreaming and have some control over the dream. It is bringing conscious awareness and direction into your dream world.

Sometimes, these lucid dreams occur during normal dreams at random. However, many people have pursued lucid dreaming in order to have conscious control over their dreams. People are able to increase the measure of control they feel over their dreams through practice.

What is lucid dreaming? Let’s dive in further.

What is Lucid Dreaming: Dreaming control

So, control is the key element of what is lucid dreaming. Dream control is associated with the degree of control we have over the content and progression of our dream’s plot. The idea behind lucid dreaming is that we always have a degree of control over our dreams. Dreams do not have to unfold according to some involuntary pattern.  A predetermined plot is not necessary in a dream and can change according to the feelings we have and the way we behave in dreams. Lucid dreaming tips help you gain more control and more awareness.

The general idea behind what is lucid dreaming is control. We are able to engage and practice something natural with greater awareness and more benefits for ourselves.

What is Lucid Dreaming: Safety

A big question that comes up in relation to what is lucid dreaming is whether or not it is safe. Yes, it is safe.

Firstly, it seems to be safe for our bodies. Dreams have an important function and are associated with REM sleep. This is a very deep, replenishing level of sleep. REM sleep is a stage of sleep where our eyes begin moving rapidly and we start producing dreams. However, taking control of the dream content often does not disrupt REM sleep, so physiologically it is safe.

In relation to our psyche, it also appears to be safe. I would add it is in my experience both fun and beneficial. A way to expand your mind, sense of adventure, creativity and overall mental health.

Many people find lucid dreaming to be emotionally stimulating and even healing. Since the experience is up to the person, some dreams may have a negative emotional aftermath, but you are in control of the experience. People who experience nightmares or anxiety-laden dreams may find it especially beneficial. It can be more emotionally rewarding to take control of their nightmares.

what is lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming tips, how to remember dreams, dreams meaning, meaning of dreams, what do dreams mean

What is Lucid Dreaming: Who can learn to have lucid dreams? YOU!

According to many lucid dreaming practitioners, anyone can learn to have lucid dreaming. This is, of course, if they want to and if they apply the right techniques. Some people might take more time than others. Those people who have experienced lucid dreams before seem to have an advantage. Still, this doesn’t mean that others can’t learn to take control of their dreams.

Some people are able to get lucid dreams after a couple of days, and for some, it takes a few weeks or longer. However, it seems to be an ability anyone can develop.

If you learn to have lucid dreams, it doesn’t mean all your dreams will be lucid. If you want to stop it, you can reduce the rate of lucid dreams or simply let the dream take its course.

Now we have established that lucid dreaming is safe and possible. We are also clear on what is lucid dreaming, let’s take a look at how you can get started on your own journey to lucidity. It starts with a simple question: how to remember dreams?

What is Lucid Dreaming: Remembering dreams

The first step to start having lucid dreams is to remember the things you dream about. Otherwise, you won’t be able to remember your lucid dreams and monitor the progress you have made.  How to remember dreams?

  • First set the intention to want to remember your dreams. It is a conscious desire you set in motion. Be determined. Think of why it is important for you.  Adventure. Insight. Practical applications in your waking life. Knowledge of your unconscious. Etc….
  • Make sure you have a voice recorder or a notebook and writing instrument near your bed.  You will need to record as much as possible as soon as you wake in general or if you wake more immediately from the dream.
  • As you go to sleep imagine yourself remembering your dreams
  • Set yourself a touchstone task to ensure that you are aware during the dream. A good one is to make sure you will look at your hands in the dream. When you become conscious of looking at your hands you can continue on with conscious awareness in the dream for as long as you can. Over time you should be able to increase the length of time you are aware.
  • Record as much as possible of what you remember. Don’t worry about analyzing.  There will be plenty of time to analyze later. Pay particular attention to the dominant EMOTIONS in the dream. This is important because it can reveal your true feelings on various issues you have shoved out of conscious awareness. Dreams often have rich emotions and symbols. By symbol I mean something that represents something else. For example, you meet an angry character in the dream criticizing you. This angry character may be a symbol because it is really an spect of yourself.

What is Lucid Dreaming: Your Adventure Awaits

What is lucid dreaming? It is a dreaming state where we know we are dreaming and can take more control over the content of our dreams. Many people experience this naturally, and everyone can learn it with enough effort and dedication. So hop into bed and get ready to blast off and view your wondrous inner infinite landscape!

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what is lucid dreaming, lucid dreaming tips, how to remember dreams, dreams meaning, meaning of dreams, what do dreams mean

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