Why “Whack-a-Mole” Problem Solving is Keeping You Trapped

Seems simple doesn’t it?

See a problem causing you pain…

Pound that problem into submission.

So what’s limiting about this whack-a-mole problem solving?

For starters:

Trying to escape with problem-solving only can keep you stuck in this endless loop.  Playing an unending game of whack-a-mole… fix one problem and another pops up.

You need a fresh approach. Something bigger that goes to the source of all perceived problems and solutions.

It is something from the outside…

How Does Problem Solving Trap You?

The problem with most problem solving is, you put out one fire and the tension is temporarily relieved. Everything cools for a bit. Then another fire pops up.  Rinse and repeat. After being burned one too many times you feel helpless. We resign ourselves to living within these limits, and accept it to be “life”. Nothing is going as we once hoped, dreamed and planned.

You may even think:

Is this all there is?

It doesn’t have to be.

But first a question…

How Much Room Do You Have For New Solutions to Your Problems?

Imagine the way you view things as a mental space that you occupy. Let’s say this mental space is a box. It is all around you and affects every area of your life. Everything you do or don’t do takes place in accordance with what you have available in the box, the amount of space in the box, what you believe is possible within that box.

You want to find answers to your problems and you do so within the space of that box. You want to live the best life you can within the confines of that box. Tweak this, tweak that, rearrange this, reduce things down to sizeable bits you can tackle. The issue is you can’t see that the space itself is limiting:

The box is the problem!

Could Your Imagination Really be the Solution to Whack-a-Mole Problem Solving?

Let’s say you start your day in the box. The same problems pop up like a broken record. You’re bored out of your mind. You are doing work you cannot stand. You feel trapped with no way out. You’re craving more freedom. It’s like a dark, cold day. Everything is gray, dim, drab…..

But then you do something different for the first time in years. You start using your imagination in powerful ways. Next thing you know you are punching through the lid of the box. Unexpectedly the sunshine breaks through and illuminates everything. You see more options and possibilities. Your confidence to create what you really want multiplies. You take action to make it happen. Once your eyes adjust you are amazed at what you see…

You are not bound by that box after all. Rather, you are immersed in an endless field!

The original “problem” and “solution” drop away.  Imagination opened the box…

But I’m Used to Whack-a-Mole Problem Solving…

I get it, and we’ve all been conditioned to think this way.

But if you want a remarkable, fun, thriving life the old way is not an option for because you have to go beyond problem solving. You go to the source from where all problems and solutions stem….. your mindset. And you can’t use the same mindset to get there.

You have to bring something new in from outside. You invent. Otherwise you stay on the same level, coming up with more problems and solutions at that level.

Everything that flows down-river is affected. If you are looking to transcend the mundane, make leaps in your business, your health or achieve outstanding results. You simply cannot live an extraordinary life and keep the same view you had. You need to expand it.

And how do you do that?

You shift your view from a problem-solving approach to the creative approach.

What is the Creative Approach?

There are two main elements to the creative approach:

  1. Strengthening your imagination
  2. Focusing on what you want to create and creating results

And it only takes a slight but powerful shift in your orientation to issues in your life.

  1. Strengthening your imagination

The fastest way to expand your view is by exercising your imagination. This refers to the “mental space” you occupy, the “glasses” or mindset you filter everything through.

  1. Creating

When you are problem solving you are moving away from something that you don’t want.  That is what is driving you. You are reacting to what is in your life. You are not coming from a wide open place of what you truly want to bring into your life. And as such your choices are much more limited than they have to be.

When creating ask yourself:

What is it that I want to create? What is it that I truly want to bring into my life?

This brings you outside of the limits of a traditional problem-solving view.

When Can I Use Traditional Problem Solving?

Traditional problem solving has its place and is very handy. I am not saying it’s a horrible thing. And I’m not saying you will be “problem-free” forever.  But there are much more powerful approaches if you are looking to transform your life.

Create if you:

  • Are trying to expand your mindset.
  • Want to transform your life.
  • Feel stuck and don’t know what to do.
  • Your current circumstances are unsatisfactory.

But What if I’m Not Very Creative?

All of us may be at different levels. But all of us possess creativity. It is innate to who we are. Ever invent your own recipe? Write a story? Start a new life in a new town? Design a house you wanted to live in? So yes… you are creative.

And It doesn’t matter how creative you may or may not think you are, because the one common denominator is that each person can improve. If you went to the gym and started lifting 5 pounds, and in two weeks you were lifting 10 – that is progress. Maybe you start by lifting 100 pounds – well, in a few weeks you can be lifting 150 – also progress. The question is not where others are… the question is where are you – and how can you improve?

Will I Lose my Problem Solving Skills?

Not at all. In fact, using your creativity and imagination will sharpen all areas of your mind. So when you need to use other “tools” for particular life situations such as problem solving, it will be sharper as well.

Exit the ‘Whack-a-Mole’ Problem Solving Trap to a Larger Life

Problem solving, although familiar to you, can trap your life. You need something new. You need to be creating what you truly want. To do this you need to get clear on exactly what it is that you want, exercise your imagination, and then take action to make what you want a reality.

Freedom awaits just on the other side of the “box” that has become your life. All you have to do is apply your imagination and create. The lid of the box will fly open… freeing you to explore.

Are you ready?

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